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1 stop solution to AMSEC safes

1 stop solution to AMSEC safes

Acronym for Amsec, American Security is certainly offering one of the high-quality products within the industry of safes in America. Amsec safes with the intention of safeguarding the valuable items of an individual are an impressive choice.

What is the basic differentiation between safes delivered by amsec?

Residential Security Containers and TL-rated safes are the 2 specialties in which amsec safes are flowing in the market. Residential Security Containers are made for residential use and the safety of important items like jewelry and cash. TL-rated safes with the intention of withstanding sophisticated criminal attacks are supposed for business use. These types of safes normally weigh tons greater than residential ones.

The more safety the safe provides, the more the value. Classified for burglary protection, TL-rated safety with its maximum door protection to counter mechanical tools and excessive attacks makes it a great buying option to ensure safety. The availability of various colors and hardware combinations makes AMSEC’s product a choice with no regrets.

With expertise in the production of business safes for more than 70 years and home safes for more than 30 years, Amsec has caught hold of the needs of the economy and the demands of society. Amsec offers a wide range of safes for both protection of the valuables in the apartment and the storage of guns safely. The safes made by American Security along with exceptional security also ensure that it’s fire resistant. It has merchandise which has been proven for fire persistence.

With the great services offered, the design of safes is worthy of a look. It is nicely constructed with the beauty of a conventional layout, which adds charm to its use. The residential safes are a combination of rugged security along with beautiful luxury. The business merchandise, because of the sheer responsibility, is lined with cement to ensure rigidity.

What are the features of Amsec Safes?

  • Availability of digital and mechanical door options as per the convenience of the customer.
  • The wall thickness on all sides of the product offered is a minimum of 2 inches, which ensures defence.
  • The products like the American Security BFX series within the gun safes for the preservation of valuables provide 2 layers of metallic coverings with the usage of Dry Light insulation material, which is also a must-have, in order to ensure security.
  • The pre-cut anchor holes present in the machines make the door secure on all sides and the applied force in action of opening without a key becomes an activity in vain.
  • Due to the usage of New DryLight insulation between the internal and the outer metallic partitions for the most efficient immunity from extreme heat.
  • The great value of money at amsec ensures that the product withstands the harsh nature of time and protects items from robbers.
  • Various amsec safes use silicon sealing and palusol sealing within the door jamb and doors respectively. The products become resistant to fire because of the palusol seal which becomes more than quadruple its thickness. Hence covering the valuables from exposure to extreme situations of fire on the premises.
  • American Security recently upgraded its series of BFX gun safes. It now has a manageable warehouse system for pistols and guns, which ensures the neatness of the machines and tools. It additionally has numerous see-thru pouches and zippered wallets to save valuables.


Briefly, Amsec safes with its home and business variations offer the quality that remains intact for year’s.












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