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10 Things to Consider When Creating a Company Logo

10 Things to Consider When Creating a Company Logo

Imagine a brand without a logo. Is it even a brand if it doesn’t have a logo? You can’t imagine a brand without a logo design. There is no brand without a logo. Because the logo plays a key role in representing your brand. Visuals are easier to remember than an abstract set of brand values. That’s the reason people remember Nike by swoosh and not by ideology. A simple Logo contributes to your brand identity more than any complex modern website design.

The first impression is the last expression. The logo is the first expression. This first expression makes your target audience interact with your brand. It creates an image of your brand in their eyes. If you mismatched the logo design and your brand ideology, then you will defeat the whole brand identity. Hence a logo must be designed with a concept and strategy.

If you are choosing a custom logo design over hiring a professional, then you must have some clarity about logo designs. Your logo is your image in the market. It helps you to be unique. In promotions and marketing also, the logo is used, and it generates a higher return.

So, here are the 10 things you must consider for making a perfect logo:

Do market research and get inspired

For every business, market research is important. Know your business first then know whether the model you have is providing value to the market or not. Market research is not only about the target audience. It also includes the research about your competitors. What your competitors are doing, where they are going wrong, how you can provide a better solution, and what are the good things about your competitors. Especially when you are starting, see what’s working in the market. It gives you surety that if you followed the same then you will make it. Incorporate your brand values and the logo design. Make your logo reflect the brand’s ethos and goals.

Sustainability of a logo

Think of a Logo design as a long-term asset. It will generate compound returns in the long run. Avoid using trends because it won’t help you establish your brand identity. The business owner will most likely alter the logo to make it more modern. A logo like this will survive for decades. A few changes are all that are required to make such a logo seem fresh and modern.

To make the logo more modern, the business owner is likely to alter it. A logo like this will survive for decades. A few changes are all that are required to make such a logo seem fresh and modern. There is nothing wrong with being up to speed on what is now popular and what should be avoided but relying completely on trends is another matter. It is preferable to use your creative ability to come up with a concept that is distinct from what everyone else is doing.

Start with a black & white logo

Choosing the right color palette for your logo might be confusing for you at the beginning. Color has several meanings attached to it. You need to understand color psychology. But you can start with a black and white logo. Your brand identity will still be impressive. Many times, you will need to print the logo without the colors. When you print your adverts in a newspaper, the logo will usually be black and white.

To determine whether a logo is a memorable design in black and white, first develop it without colors. If your logo drawing isn’t up to par, make changes until you’re happy. Only when you have determined that the colorless logo is a noteworthy design should you fill it with colors. As a result, both the colored and colorless variants of the corporate emblem will stand out.


Your logo has a significant role to play. It will be printed on all your products, store signs, digital advertisements, T Shirt design, etc. As a result, your logo must be fluid and adaptive to land wherever. Consider all the locations you’ll want to utilize your logo and make sure it looks nice in every one of them.

The concept of scalability is vital while developing a logo. Because your logo will be used on promotional materials like social media postings, business cards, posters, and even billboards, it must be legible in all sizes. Scalability is equally as crucial as responsiveness in logo design, which refers to how the logo adjusts.

Be unique

Be creative and innovate until you come up with something genuinely unique. Experiment with several styles to create something genuinely unique. Try conveying a tale or hiding components like those shown above within the logo design.

You want your logo to be as clear and noticeable as possible, while also representing your aesthetics and communicating your ideology. This is the stage in logo design when creativity meets brilliant ideas and a solid understanding of consumer design.

Minimalistic logo design

It is not necessary for a logo to be aesthetically complicated to be unique. It is necessary to avoid complexity and to do so, you must rely on the notion of minimalism. Reduce the number of design components in your logo and only add or eliminate those that make it simpler.

Use a limited color palette and shapes, icons, font styles, and symbols that will not make your visual message too difficult to understand. Recognize that little is more. The more components you incorporate into your logo, the more complicated it becomes.

Other Mediums

Test your logo on different mediums. It is a part of the scalability of your logo design. A logo on a business card or booklet will seem different from one on a website. Because desktop, mobile, and print-based platforms differ significantly, test its presentation on your website, mobile, printed packaging, and other marketing assets. A logo must appear nice in whatever medium, whether digital, printed, or even as an app or favicon.

Core concept of your brand

The meaning or message of a logo design is one of the most essential factors in its success. Seeing a logo on a product or commercial for the first time is insufficient to make it memorable.

It should be more than just a stunning picture; it should also symbolically express some deeper significance. The logo should be original and memorable, which may be accomplished by having a core concept with a basic statement, but don’t fall into the trap of physically presenting what your firm does.

Learn from experts

Get inspired by the expert designers, but it is never acceptable to blatantly imitate the work of others, and it is certainly not a good way to stand out. Learn from successful people, mimic them, and improve on what they’ve done. In brainstorming for new ideas, inspiration is essential; but if inspiration is essential, so is creativity.

Try something Unconventional

There is no one logo rule fit for all. You should try different things according to your brand and the audience. Try different styles in icons and fonts. Design in different tones. Logos don’t have to be static symbols. The symbols used in the logo can adapt. So, design it as you want it to be. You can take the help of online tools like Designhill. It is a logo design company that allows you to make a unique logo. It has a library of designs that allows you to make your own logo.



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