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10 Tips for how to save on online shopping in Canada

10 Tips for how to save on online shopping in Canada

people are different from each other and despite their different needs, they will face the same basic challenges as living conditions and how to secure their requirements at the lowest possible price.

In this article, we will focus on how to save on buying electronics online in Canada.


What are the best tips to save on buying electronics online in Canada?

Although it is difficult to save costs in Canada, especially with regard to buying electronics, relying on the following tips, you will be able to save not only the price but also time.


1.Buying electronics at specific times of the year:

Newcomers wishing to buy electronic devices for great offers are advised to wait for the times of events and holidays, as most and even all stores reduce the prices of their products and provide the best offers. But this does not mean that electronics cannot be purchased at other times, but the holiday seasons are the best periods, especially for newcomers with a small budget and many requirements.

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2.Buying older versions:

Buying electronic devices with old versions saves a lot of money for newcomers, but in order to get the best offers, newcomers just have to wait for new versions that cause the decline in the prices of the previous versions and buy these electronics from reliable sources.

 Note: Most modern versions of electronic devices, especially mobile phones, contain unnecessary updates which means that older versions often offer the same benefit.


3. Finding alternatives early and taking into account the necessary specifications:

Newcomers who want to save money should look for alternatives to their devices before they break down so they do not have to buy devices that may be expensive or not useful to them. Newcomers should also buy electronics that have the specs they need and not additional useless features.

Note: Newcomers are advised not to pay more money for an extended warranty because most electronics, if used normally, will last beyond the said warranty period.

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4. Selling old electronic devices and buying medium-quality devices:

One of the most widespread solutions that newcomers in Canada can take advantage of to save on buying new electronics is to sell their old devices and take advantage of the amount and invest it in buying a new device.

which is preferable to be of medium quality because the latest versions are often very precious and often with the same specifications as older versions, and because very old devices are often of very low quality and need a lot of updating and therefore additional expenses.


5. Reading the reviews:

Those who want to buy electronics in Canada

  1. can view product reviews on more than one site
  2. read people’s comments
  3. see if everyone prefers the product.
  4. whether there are negatives, whether it is not worth the required amount or not.
  5. whether there are stores that offer to buy it at better prices such as the DOKAN store.


6. Finding the best online stores that offer the best deals:

Newcomers can find many online stores that are able to meet their electronic needs at affordable prices and one of the most important and best such dokan online stores in Canada for used electronics.


Who is DOKAN briefly?

DOKAN is one of Canada’s most important retail stores which sells used, modern and opened-box devices with best offers


What are the best features offered by the DOKAN store?

  • DOKAN  offers the best quality electronic products for well-thought-out and acceptable competitive prices
  • DOKAN offers a warranty of up to 30 days added to the device original warranty.
  • DOKAN Store provides transparency of handling and privacy to all people who want to buy its legally owned products.
  • DOKAN team promises to deliver the product within 12h to 72h (based on product warehouse location and buyer location).
  • DOKAN offers10% discount for all students in Canada!
  • You can customize your products, to present them in the way you prefer to your loved ones.
  • DOKAN offers the best gifts compatible with the product purchased only for the happiness of their customers and their choice.


Online shopping has become more widespread today and has become more useful to all people from different professional fields and from different age groups, i.e. children, the elderly, students, workers and employees

because of the provision of the best services and products at the cheapest prices and because of facilitating the methods. thus reducing the effort, fatigue and energy that can be exploited for more useful and important matters.


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