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3 Aspects that Make K S Kulkarni Artwork the Best Décor for Your House

3 Aspects that Make K S Kulkarni Artwork the Best Décor for Your House

Are you looking for the perfect pieces of art to decorate your place? The type of art you select to decorate your house reflects your taste and your vision. No matter how many photographs you have in your space, the paintings endow a different outlook on your house.

When you look at a photograph, you begin to observe things that you see in it from your own perception. But when you are going to observe a painting, you have to observe the duo perceptions hidden behind the picture i.e. that is one of the artists and the other of the viewer. The artwork of Krishnarao Kulkarni can be the perfect décor for your house if you are a lover of the amalgamation of conventional with the modern.

Hailing from Belgaum, Karnataka, Krishnarao Kulkarni’s paintings are a depiction of a convergence. Where the ethics of modern art merged with the traditional, paintings of K S Kulkarni emerged. The artist has devoted a great deal of time studying art under the tough circumstances that his life posed him.

Yet, he emerged as one of the most prominent artists in India. He received his ideas for modern art while traveling abroad. Like many other eminent artists, his traditional art appears to be a reflection of his time spent in his childhood as well as in his own country. Let’s explore how his paintings can be a matchless part of ornamentation for your house.

Depiction of Rural Imagery

Paintings of Krishnarao Kulkarni were inspired, a lot, by the rural imagery. You will see many paintings including scenes of a rural setting. The culture of village areas and their primitive occupations were a part of his paintings. However, his representation was empathetic rather than sympathetic. It could be that his childhood was spent around these settings and these pictorial settings came onto the canvas when he shifted his career to painting. A fan of rural sceneries will surely fall in love with K S Kulkarni artwork at first sight.

Going Beyond Conventional

The paintings of Krishnarao were highly influenced by the modern art movement. His merging of rural settings with the styles of modern art was a striking aspect of his paintings. His strokes on paintings were so strong that they could be sensed with hands. It is so amazing to observe that with the simple strokes of colors he could depict the entire scenario.

When you will observe his artwork, you will be able to judge the movements of his hands throughout the scene that he depicts in a painting. Although, an art lover should have an authentic taste in the art for getting into the depth of his work.  The painting of a ‘basket maker’ shows the knack of the artist to emphasize the movements of hands and feet in a manner to highlight the posture of the lady while making a basket. It is a simple scene of a domestic occupation with great accentuation.

An amalgamation of Two Worlds

You have already understood the merging of the different styles of paintings in Krishnarao’s artwork. Modernism, figures of cholas’ bronze, and murals of Ajanta are all the impressions that you will find in his pieces of art. Cubism, a technique developed by Pablo Picasso, is an essential aspect of the art of K S Kulkarni. The ruptured art elements combined together are a characteristic that you will see in almost every painting of Krishnarao. It takes great intelligence and an awesome understanding of colors as well as strokes to create a painting of fused elements like Krishnarao Kulkarni.


Thus, any art enthusiast would love to have paintings by Krishnarao as ornamentation in their personal space. You can visit online painting stores for viewing and purchase his artwork.


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