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3 Ways how to Use Your Amazon Gift Card

3 Ways how to Use Your Amazon Gift Card

If you’ve received an Amazon gift card in the mail, you’re probably wondering what you can buy with it, since you may not have shopped there before or know much about the site. Here are three ways how to use gift card on amazon to ensure that your money goes further and you find exactly what you need.

1) Buying Kindle Books

One of the easiest ways to use your amazon gift card is for buying Kindle books. You can do this in two ways: buy the book with your gift card and send it to your own Kindle, or download the Kindle app on a tablet.

If you’re looking for more than just books, there are a lot of other items where to buy amazon gift cards. From movies to household goods, anything is possible! But how do I know if my item will ship internationally? Luckily, the option to ship internationally appears when you add something to your cart. Shipping costs vary depending on what country you want it delivered to! The cheapest option would be Australia where it’s only $7 USD for delivery but some places like India might cost up to $20 USD!

2) Purchasing Amazon Music

One of the first things you might want to do with your gift card buys some Amazon Music Unlimited subscriptions. You can purchase 3 months of service for $19.99, 6 months for $29.99, or a whole year for $59.99. This means that if you have a gift card with a value of at least $59, you should go ahead and buy one year of service and get another year free! If you’re in Australia and are interested in using an Amazon gift card, don’t worry—you can still use it just like in any other country. Simply sign up for an account by clicking on I’m new here in the top-right corner of the screen. Follow the prompts from there to enter your personal details and create a password before going through checkout as usual. It doesn’t matter which currency you choose on this page either—choose ship to Australia with dollars (AUD) or U.S dollars (USD) to see prices in those currencies respectively when shopping.

3) Applying Your Gift Card Balance to Another Purchase

  1. Log in to your account, and click on the Your Account tab.
  2. Click on Your Orders.
  3. Find the order in which you want to apply your balance, and then click on it.
  4. Scroll down until you see a section called Gift card or promotional code.
  5. Enter your gift card’s code into the box marked Enter a gift card or promotional code and hit Apply.
  6. You will see the amount of your purchase being deducted from your gift card balance.
  7. If you have enough left over after buying this item, repeat steps 1-6 for any other orders where you would like to how to use gift card on amazon balance.
  8. To view an order’s details again, select View Order Details in step 2 above and enter the appropriate order number when prompted by Amazon.
  9. Make sure to also check out our handy guide for tips on how to buy an amazon gift card (link).
  10. You can also learn more about shipping costs here (link).

11) Where do I buy an amazon gift card?


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