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4 Barriers Women Leaders Experience & How Coaches Helps Them

4 Barriers Women Leaders Experience & How Coaches Helps Them

According to the studies conducted in workplaces all across the globe, women obtain more degrees, negotiate salaries and ask for promotions at a better rate, and attain credibility among the staff within a shorter period. Still, women are less supported or underrepresented when it comes to leadership.

A few barriers women face are external. Employers need to eliminate unconscious biases, build awareness, and make sure women get equal opportunities for advancement. However, many barriers women come across stem from how society has treated them since time immemorial.

To know more, please go through the rest of the discussion now.

External Hurdles


The experts providing quality sessions of executive coaching London said women do not always receive equal chances for progression or equal consideration for assignments and appraisals. To alleviate the impact of such societal realities, the coaches teach employees how to even out the pay structure, review the recruiting procedure, and protest whenever partiality happens.

Lack of Sponsorship

Women either do not seek leadership developments intentionally or do not receive them. Anyway, women must establish such support for phenomenal career growth. The coaches help the client so that she can surround herself with top sponsors. This lets women gain relevant experiences and get the feedback they deserve.

Internal Hurdles

Imposter Syndrome

Research has shown that women downplay and doubt their qualifications and capacities, while most men tend to overinflate theirs. As a result, women avoid taking the lead on important projects. When they do not get a promotion, they feel it is because they have do not have sufficient training, credentials, and experience. Imposter syndrome is a kind of self-sabotage that prevents a woman from trusting her voice and owning her brilliance.

Coaches can educate women on this phenomenon because almost all women think they are logical and do not realize the damage imposter syndrome inflicts. If a woman suffers from imposter syndrome, a coach should ask her the following questions:

  • What makes you hesitate?
  • When do you downplay your talents?
  • What do you believe your strengths are?
  • What happens when you take action?

Zero Resilience

The experts offering executive coaching London said it is essential for women to cultivate thought patterns and habits that reinforce resilience. Women face extreme pressures in their personal lives and leadership roles. This feels overwhelming.

The coaches general allow female clients to flourish by:

  • Incorporating mindfulness practices. These rewire the brain to reduce anxiety while enhancing emotional control, planning, and decisiveness.
  • Encouraging recovery and wellness habits to ensure enough emotional, physical, and cognitive energy. Women survive the demanding days seamlessly.
  • Allowing them to accept their authenticity. The coaches deepen a woman’s relationship with her sense of purpose and core values.

Women experience much more difficulties in their careers than men. To coach female leaders efficiently, one must gain a profound knowledge of these unique difficulties. Some of them are subtle, while some are obvious. Know that women, at times, are not aware of the things that hold them back.

Hope the discussion above was insightful and will help you to have a better understanding. In case of any suggestions or queries, please feel free to share with us below in the comment section with us to make it more interesting for others.



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