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5 Advantages Software SAN Storage Solutions Have Over Legacy Storage

5 Advantages Software SAN Storage Solutions Have Over Legacy Storage

Ever since their introduction, SAN storage solutions have been the preferable choice for many enterprises. This is simply due to the fact that these solutions provide the enterprises with a lot of benefits and features that make them a preferable choice.

In this article, we discuss some of these benefits and discuss how are SAN solutions a better choice than traditional storage solutions.

SAN Storage Solutions are Flexible

One of the main advantages of SAN solution is that it is versatile and can adapt to your needs, use case and circumstances.

For instance, if your enterprise has 10 data centers around the world, and each of them have unique outlays, power density requirements, scale and type of customers. With software storage solutions, you can easily tailor the solution to fit everything in it, the way you like it. This way, enterprises can have a powerful and highly reliable IT infrastructure layer in a single storage solution.

This will bring simplify the management and will save costs, as enterprises can consolidate one storage platform to power the whole enterprise and the whole business.

SAN Solutions Deliver High Performance

SAN solutions are fast and deliver high performance. As compared to traditional storage, software storage solutions are extremely fast with their processes and computations. With software storage solutions, enterprises can configure high performance SAN with support for iSCSI and fibre channel.

Other than this, enterprises can enable high performance data services like; thin provisioning, data deduplication, erasure coding and many more.

SAN Solutions are Easily Scalable

As opposed to traditional storage solutions, where you had to manually add more storage by purchasing a separate storage hardware to increase storage, SAN solutions are really easy to scale.

In order to add more storage space, enterprises can simply scale up and add more storage space with just a few clicks. In terms of performance, enterprises can scale out to add more performance nodes, whenever needed.

SAN Solutions Avoid Vendor Lock-In

With SAN solutions, enterprises are not limited to any vendor lock. They easily add more hardware from any vendor they like without any vendor requirements. They won’t have to worry about any risky data migrations as data resides in the software layer and is abstracted from hardware.

SAN Solutions are Cost-Effective

As mentioned earlier, SAN solutions are easily scalable, due to which there is no need to buy any separate storage hardware. This saves a lot of storage costs as enterprises can simply add more storage space and computing power with just a few clicks.

Other than this, there no hidden charges or large upfront costs. Enterprises only have to purchase the features that they absolutely need, nothing more, and can easily upgrade and add more features if they want in the future.


In this article, we have explained the 5 most prominent advantages of SAN solutions and how can they prove to be beneficial for enterprises as compared to traditional storage solutions. All these advantages combined make SAN solutions highly popular and used in today’s era.


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