5 Causes You Can Support People with Donations

5 Causes You Can Support People with Donations

They say giving makes us human, and it could not have been any more accurate, especially when we see things in the light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Things were looking extremely bleak, but humans came through, courtesy of their collective support for each other. The ability to empathize and sympathize with those who needed assistance was even more pronounced during this testing. But just because the pandemic is over doesn’t mean that all the petals have been worn. Instead, this needs to be practiced for a long time and perhaps till the end of time. Different religious charities make a massive impact, one of which is the Dhul Hijjah donations. In this brief, we will have an overview of some of the causes you can support with your Dhul Hijjah donations. Of course, there are more than these five causes that you can help with your Dhul Hijjah, Christmas donations, or any other charity. Think of this list as a starting point! 

Support an Orphan

Supporting an orphan is one of the kindest and noblest acts anyone can do. Little ones need as much help as they can once their parents are not in this world. We need to be aware of the needs of orphans in our society. Charities like Dhul Hijjah donations, Christmas donations, and specific other charities are one ideal way of supporting orphans. Of course, it doesn’t mean that one donation is enough to meet the needs of an orphan’s entire life. But that donation can still make a massive difference in an orphan’s life. So, don’t let this thought of the size of your charity keep you from donating in this holy month.

Feed the Hungry

Sacrificial ritual is a characteristic feature of this holy month. The sacrificial meat is distributed into three parts, one of which is reserved for the poor and the needy people around you. Hence, it is not about just a financial charity; meat donations can also feed the hungry. Furthermore, you don’t necessarily have to give just the meat; you can also provide monetary charity to people struggling to make ends meet.

Contribute to a Welfare Project  

It can be anything. And mosque, at school, a water pump, a library, a bus stop, planting trees, or anything you think can make a difference in society. Welfare trusts usually run welfare projects, so donations can be given to these trusts. Otherwise, if you plan on donating a heavy sum, you can also start a project on your own and supervise it until it is finished. Take the example of a water pump that you may install in an area with a water shortage. Can you imagine the blessings Allah (SWT) will bless you for doing this noble act? Every time someone drinks water from the water pump you installed, they will say a little prayer for you, and God knows we all could do it with some prayers! 

Buy Something They Need 

Have a look around your neighborhood and see if someone is in dire need of equipment or device they cannot afford. For example, a widow in your vicinity might need a sewing machine to meet her ends. If you can buy that for her, please do that! 

Support a Patient  

The underprivileged sections of the communities worldwide do not have access to primary health care facilities, such as medical and surgical treatments. Charity organizations like Transparent Hands are constantly trying to provide these people with these facilities. Maybe, you can use your donation to support a patient via these trust organizations.



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