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5 Digital Skills You Need To Be Employable For The Next Decade

5 Digital Skills You Need To Be Employable For The Next Decade

Times are changing rapidly along with the technological advancements in the business world. Employees need to be analytical, tech-savvy, and digitally sound. It’s not easy to sustain such a portfolio. Yet these are in-demand digital skills you need to be employable.

You can learn them with time as you and your organisation execute the same to complete technically advanced projects. If you’re still unsure of these skills, this blog post is for you.

Read the most amazing, challenging, fun, and worthwhile digital skills you need to be employable, at least for the decade ahead.

5 Digital Skills You Need To Be Employable At Any Given Time In 2022 And Way Beyond:

1. Social Media Marketing

As a part of this generation, you must know a lot or everything about the social media world. It’s a whole new horizon for the next gen. People find jobs on social media as a prime example.

Companies overview how you behave and post on social media to see if you’re a job fit or not. In fact, there are lives, reputations, and brands that depend on social media marketing.

The big players like Fb, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and more are changing millions of lives and businesses every day.

That’s one of the most prominent digital skills you need to be employable this decade. So you must learn how ads, keywords, ranking, and hashtags work on different social media channels. Grasp the knowledge of the reach, blogging, and creatives on social media channels.

But this could only be possible by keeping a constant eye on the social media world. And you need to practise posting on it as well. Because employees only sharpen their digital skills of today and tomorrow by using them first.

2. Content Marketing

Every day you’re at least exposed to 5,000-10,000 ads online. You might never realise it. But it happens. Out of them, only a handful of them strike your mind. That happens because of its content and graphics.

That’s why today’s content marketing is a new world which can make and break a brand image in seconds. There are multiple universities and companies investing thousands and lakhs in content marketing every day. In addition, employees are taking professional courses to learn the art of writing for their audiences.

So, as a millennial or new-gen employee, you can invest in content writing and content marketing skills. It will help your company increase the leads and convert the same to closed deals for business growth.

Your portfolio will improve if the business grows because of your awesome content.

Without a doubt, it’s one of the most favourable digital skills you need to be employable in 2022 or beyond.

3. Search Engine Marketing

It’s become important for content marketers to excel in Search Engine Marketing. Because without this knowledge, it’s quite challenging for businesses to rank their services in a better position in the search engines.

Every day, billions of humans search queries on popular search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Rediff, and more. Your firm’s one of the digital and strategic marketing aims should be to be seen there.

That is against some particular words to rank better than your competitors. That’s why better tech tools are used to understand the concept of SEM.

It can invite organic and user-generated traffic to your business sites. This would only improve your market visibility and brand value. And if employers find such employees to bring them business online, there’s no chance they would let such candidates go away.

Marketing managers with SEM knowledge have a productive and enhancing scope in their careers for 2022 and ahead. That’s why SEM is one of the digital skills you need to be employable at any day of this age.

4. Data Analytics

It’s very crucial for HRs and other team members to deal with data. Without HRMS (uKnowva) or similar tools, it is impossible to study their employee data. But companies need to know where they stand, why, and how. It is in terms of their employees, workforce hours/productivity, and client (profitability).

This is only possible when tools like PMS, ERP, Virtual Biometric, Payroll, Workforce Automation, or Recruitment Engines are in use. These tools allow employers to interpret, control, configure, and draw inferences from the data and automated reports.

So employees of today and tomorrow must love playing around with data. Because, today: in a digitally connected hyper world, businesses solve complex human errors and issues with data analytics.

There are prediction models, recommendation engines, KNN, and sentimental analysis available today in data analytics. Different models solve various business problems every day.

For that, firms need excellent talent with a sharp mind presence. They need employees who can deal with data faster and be familiar with complex calculations. In addition, they must have love for large data sets or numbers.

If employees maintain their calm in such scenarios, their hiring process is easy and achievable. So, data analytics is one of the most respected digital skills you need to be employable.

5. Software Development

Today is the era of digital apps, tools, and software for businesses to sustain.

Most companies are already using technologically sound tools that are on-cloud, automating, and help streamline daily tasks. One such tool for the workforce and clientele management at any hour is uKnowva HRMS and SI.

It already has an extension store with 100+ more add-ons to ease your daily tasks. This entire case depicts how important it is to develop apps and tools for businesses at this age. Every other business today has a website or an app.

Without these two avenues online, it’s impossible to trust a vendor or a client. This is tried and proven. You possibly will agree with this too. This shows software development plays a critical role in scaling and growing business reach and markets exponentially.

So organisations of today and tomorrow are constantly going to hire technical support. This involves the hiring of software developers on an ongoing basis.

In fact, learning programming languages, source codes, scripts/libraries, and operating systems is becoming easier. However, the competition for software developers is on the rise. So the salary packages are quite competitive, and so are the skill sets required.

That’s why it’s one of the most competitive digital skills you need to be employable in 2022.


Remaining digitally-sound and loving technology or its trends is the best quality in employees. Companies are constantly on the lookout for employees who never hesitate to try new tech and tools.

That’s why reading about the digital skills you need to be employable in the blog post above is quite essential. Whether you’re a fresher or an experienced professional, this blog above will sharpen your current knowledge on technical and digital skills to develop.


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