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You have entered the vast and successful world of video marketing and have invested time and money to make your first videos. Expected to have results such as an abundance of leads, fast conversions, and an audience engagement rate like never before. Were preparing to handle an avalanche of orders, traffic, and subscribers, but instead, nothing. End up with a few scattered views and viewers leaving your video after a few seconds of viewing. You suddenly doubt that you have invested your efforts well with the help of the best video companies near me.

But why the hell are not your video ads performing? Yet you gave it your all during the process: writing the script, finding a filming location, buying or renting cameras, microphones, and lighting, and editing the video, but after you released it, your enthusiasm was gone.

What if some essential elements had escaped you? What if you failed to give your audience what they needed? Rest assured, here we will shed some light on 5 of the most common reasons your videos aren’t performing well.



How many entrepreneurs like to see themselves on video? Yes Yes! I assure you. If you make videos for yourself and not for your target audience, your viewers and subscribers will not be interested in watching your other videos since they will have the perception that they are not intended for them.

For example, you have a YouTube channel that talks about the profits of your printing services, but you occasionally publish videos of the geopolitical impacts on the economy, your second great passion.

Viewers looking to learn more about how your services can benefit them may not be interested in politics, and vice versa, unless there is a direct link between the two. This confuses your audience who are hesitant to subscribe to your channel and as a result, you get fewer clicks on your videos.

Analyze what your viewers want to see. What are the most interesting and relevant topics in your niche? Check which types of videos perform best with them. What platforms do they use? You can then use this information to create your videos. Data from your previous campaigns is a good place to start identifying your target audience’s preferences. If you do not have any significant data internally, market research is an excellent avenue to consider.


Generally speaking, people like to watch things that they can relate to and that immediately grab their attention. That’s why it’s so important to emotionally engage your audience when discussing any given topic. And the best way to do that is to tell a story when you create your marketing videos.

Here is a good example of a video campaign that used this technique to make something as mundane as going grocery shopping touching:

Intermarche pulled it off with this short-film-type video because it grabs attention right from the start. The team worked hard on the script, and the whole plot highlights the advertiser’s products without falling into the “selling” side. With nearly 2.7 million views on YouTube alone, it’s easy to imagine the impact this video will have on the business.

In this sense, Mark McMaster, head of the global brand and video marketing strategy at YouTube, explained in his presentation “Cutting Through the Content Clutter: Engaging Video Content Marketing “, that they did an internal study at Google and found that approximately: 70% of the effectiveness of a video campaign depends on the quality of the creation. You should therefore spend most of your allotted time and effort on the creative aspects of your video marketing.

Although the ultimate goal of your video is usually to increase your sales, it is a mistake to focus too much on this aspect. If your video content is too sales-focused and doesn’t have any sort of story that viewers can relate to, you risk losing interest. Consumers today don’t want to be bombarded with a sales pitch in the videos they watch—they want a story that intrigues them and makes them want to take action.


Can you believe that after putting so much effort into showcasing their products and services, company profiles, or customer testimonials, many companies forget to include a clear call to action in their video? What do you want viewers to do after watching your video? What is the goal of your campaign? Do you want to collect email addresses, sell your products or get feedback on something in particular?

Your call to action (CTA) should guide your audience to that specific action, and direct them to your site, your landing page, or the place you have determined. This call can also lead to buying a certain product, downloading an application, or registering for an event. This is the first question you should ask yourself before you even start working on your video marketing campaign script. Have a goal in mind for this campaign and make the call to action very clear to your audience.

Brands are often unaware of how powerful CTAs can be. If your video ads aren’t performing as expected, ask yourself if your CTA is effective enough, or even if it’s possible you just forgot to include a call to action.


One of the biggest sins of small business marketing is wanting to tell everyone everything in one video. Knowing your target audience and knowing what interests them allows you to identify the topics that will be relevant, but also the key messages that will need to be conveyed to them. It is therefore preferable to segment these messages into targeted content so that the latter is easier and more pleasant to assimilate. Remember that a video is good, but a series is better.

It’s important to also remember that a video is a marketing tool. According to the Wistia platform, the ideal length for a video would be 2 minutes. Wanting to convey too much information at once in that short amount of time will cause your audience to retain less and lose interest more quickly. Plus, you’re more likely to confuse.

Ask yourself, why should anyone watch this video? If you can’t respond to this question, you are perhaps not giving any worth with your content. But for your marketing to be effective, it must be based on the added value you provide to your customers.

When you give your viewers a reason to watch your video, whether it’s entertainment, information, inspiration, etc., you are putting the odds in your favor for them to like, subscribes, comment, share, and above all, keep them coming back. Ultimately, you open the door for them to buy into your call to action to help you achieve your goals.


Many videos produced for today’s campaigns look like they were shot and edited a decade ago. This is a technical and aesthetic aspect, but the visual and sound treatment of your content has a direct impact on the perception that your target audience has of your company.

If you want to inspire confidence in your customers, you need to have professional videos. Consumer screens today are filled with engaging videos from all kinds of brands. This is why the quality of your videos must also be of a high standard. Consumers will not pay positive attention to a video that is poorly produced, poorly edited. And has poor visual and audio treatment.

Hire a production company near me or a freelance videographer. They have the equipment and the know-how. Most of the time. This will save you money because you will invest your efforts where you have real added value. Such as in the creation of your content or the main activity of your company. In other words, even if you think you can shoot your videos on your own to avoid an external resource. It will require a lot of time, as well as a budget for all the necessary equipment. From lighting to cameras and everything else. The work becomes even more tedious when you have no experience to start with.

The success of your videos, of course. Depends on the story, the script. And the powerful message you have chosen to communicate. But if the production of your capsules does not meet certain quality standards, you risk looking bad. And scaring away your potential customers. Content and form go hand in hand. Make sure that the rendering of your videos reflects the quality standards that your customers expect from you.

Know that there is a multitude of good agencies and video production companies with fantastic teams. They can even take care of writing your screenplay and will ensure that the quality of the production is impeccable. Most video agencies also offer marketing services for content delivery. So that’s one more problem solved!


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