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5 Ways to Retrieve Aol Mail Folders Disappeared from Your Account

5 Ways to Retrieve Aol Mail Folders Disappeared from Your Account

Have your Aol mail folders disappeared themselves? Don’t you know how to retrieve them? Many users have complained about the same issue and are looking for solutions. But, no worries! you‘re at the right place. Here, you’ll learn how to retrieve the aol mail folders disappeared and their causes. 

Why Aol Mail Folders Disappeared All Suddenly?

Difficulties such as Aol mail folders disappearing or missing incoming emails are prevalent. If you deleted it, it might go away, but if not, figure out what else could be causing it.


  • AOl email server is down
  • Your AOl email account is hacked/compromised
  • Emails have transferred to the wrong folder
  • Misconfigured Aol email settings 
  • Deactivated email account 
  • Incorrect Aol email filter settings 


Fix or Restore Aol Mail Folders Disappeared

You can check the other folders or check email clients’ settings. In addition, there are other methods explained here. Try these solutions, it may help you retrieve the missing AOl folders.


1. Check Out All The Folders

If your emails from your inbox are missing, try checking them in other folders. Go through the Spam, Junk, Trash, or Archive folder. In case you find the email in any of these folders, you should check your email settings. You can also change the label for those senders to your inbox. So you’ll receive their future emails in the correct folder. 


2. Verify Your Aol Email Severe Status 

Sometimes when the AOl server is down, an issue like this appears. Mainly, it occurs due to technical glitches. 

Hence, visit the or to see the status of the AOl server in your locality. Such an issue gets resolved by the email service provider, as a result, you have no option but to wait until it resolves. 


3. Configure Aol Email Client Settings 

Are you accessing Aol email via third-party apps such as Gmail, Outlook, Thunderbird, or Android Mail app? In that case, you may get the issue and miss some emails. Hence, you should check email client settings. It may have deleted your incoming email automatically or sent them to another folder. 


Further, if you can’t find the email anywhere or find it in an unexpected folder, check your IMAP email settings. 

4. Re-Configure Aol Email Application

Another cause of this error may be an outdated app or an issue in updating it. Therefore, you can try reinstalling or reconfiguring the application. 


5. Account Hacked Change Password 

If your aol email folders disappeared very frequently or find it suspicious, reset the password. To do so, use these steps below: 


  • Open your browser to visit the AOl login page
  • Then, on the login page, select the forgotten password.
  • Provide the essential details to verify verification.
  • After that, you’ll get permission to change your password.

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Final Words: 

We hope you find out why your AOL mail folders disappeared and have retrieved them. However, there could be other reasons why emails are missing from your inbox. However, if the problem persists, we recommend that you seek expert help.

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