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6 Important Reasons to Learn React JS

6 Important Reasons to Learn React JS


If you want to be a front-end developer, you have undoubtedly heard about React JS. It is a powerful JavaScript library with several features that simplifies the developers’ lives. However, there are several reasons to study React.js, ranging from a low learning curve and compelling UI to personalized component creation and even SEO-friendly app development. Thus, to learn more about this robust framework, it is necessary to undergo React JS Training in Delhi and make you aware of the top reasons why you should go with the training in this domain.

Need to learn React JS

It is an essential part for developing huge web apps for your organization. However, you may create dynamically updated data on web pages without refreshing them at each update. Using this tool, you may build application user interfaces to be scalable, quick, and simple. In addition, you may use React JS in conjunction with other JavaScript frameworks and libraries, such as AngularJS, within the MVC (Model View Controller) design.

Benefits of Learning React JS

Enrolling in a React JS course can help you become more adept in using the technology to create engaging and responsive user interfaces. Thus, a few of the crucial benefits of mastering this tool are as follows.

     ● Simple to Learn

The library is lightweight and solely addresses the view layer of an application. Thus, understanding the basics will get you started in developing web apps.

     ● Reusable components

The structure of React.js is component-driven. Dropdown, checkbox, and similar smaller components are used as building blocks within a wrapper component in this tool. After that, you must write higher-level wrapper components. An individual must keep repeating this step till the installation of the last root component or application.

However, each component’s core logic and rendering philosophy is distinct. Using it again, you can ensure a consistent look for your app while contributing to your codebase. Moreover, you may develop large apps by effectively organizing the components.

     ● Optimum Performance with Virtual DOM

Performance issues are widespread in web UIs that have high user involvement and require frequent view refreshes. However, React JS overcomes inefficiencies by utilizing a virtual DOM (Document Object Model) that you can keep in memory. Moreover, view changes are conveyed to the virtual DOM first, which starts a differential mechanism for comparing the virtual DOM’s current and previous states. It also determines the simplest way to implement changes with the fewest amount of updates. After that, the modifications are passed on to DOM to reflect changes in the shortest time.

     ● Good Abstraction

Working as a user, you would not be able to access intricate internal procedures such as digest cycles. Thus, to create forms, you must learn the life cycles of components, props, and states. However, your efficiency in app architecture design rises since you don’t have to master paradigms like MVVM.

     ● Excellent Developer tools

Learning a React JS course will make you proficient in the React Developer tools, which are available as a Chrome addon. These tools allow you to explore the hierarchy and observe corresponding states and properties.

     ● React Native

React Native enables the development of native apps for mobile operating systems such as Android. However, in React Native, you can not use the code for the homepage without modification but use the same design and technique. Also, during React JS training, you may learn more about its abilities.


To conclude, we have compiled the major reasons that can compel an individual to learn React JS program. With such a course, an individual will become proficient in all the related technologies and make themselves stand apart from the crowd. Alternatively, you can entrust React JS Training in Noida for a more advanced approach.

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