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6 Things You Didn’t Know About Youtube TV

6 Things You Didn’t Know About Youtube TV

About Youtube TV is probably the talk of the town. With over 70 live channels and high quality streaming, not to forget the streaming options for up to 6 accounts at a time, there are various reasons people are cutting the cable cord and switching to Youtube TV.

But it must be known internet doesn’t reveal all, there are certain things and astonishing facts hidden about everything that will surprise you. So, before you get that shock with the Youtube TV service we have come up with 6 lesser known Youtube TV facts.

You don’t have to Pay Full

No it’s not a scam nor is a secret way to hack into the Youtube streaming service. But it’s a hack only geniuses know. Sure, Youtube TV is expensive but it doesn’t have to break your bank each time. The service also has reliable and genuine coupons for the people who wish to stream without spending much. The Youtube TV promo code is a must have for everyone who is using this service as their streaming channel.


YouTube TV doesn’t let you run away from ads. Though the streaming is as swift as they claim, there are no buffering issues nor the quality is compromised, but the ads just cannot be removed. Sure you can fast forward the ad in recorded shows and when it comes to live ones you can pause and later on play to fast forward.

Perks of Channels

YouTube TV’s programming is similar to that of basic cable, with a large number of news and sports networks. The number of channels available varies depending on the subscriber’s location, but there are plenty to choose from. Turner Classic Movies is great for old movies, Nat Geo or Nat Geo Wild is great for nature lovers, and the Cozi channel is great for throwback TV.

Though you won’t find some popular ones such as nickelodeon but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other better and exciting alternatives for you.


The Youtube TV library is simply the best digital library for entertainment lovers. And the best part? You don’t have to pre-record shows to get them in your library. Just search on the Youtube for your desired show and movie and you will get various options from different channels. Click on the ones you want to watch and start streaming.

Unlimited DVR storage

Now we are talking and this is where majority of the people change their mind, Youtube TV DVR storage is unlimited and no there isn’t any hidden fact or catch about it. The cloud based storage system is free and you can save as many as TV shows, movies, dramas, sports events all you want without having any worry to overflow your entertainment bank.

But a sad news for NOT premium viewers, you cannot save offline shows and download them to watch later. This is a perk given to premium viewers only. Sad, no?

Internet Connection

This goes without saying but a really strong internet connection is able to stream Youtube TV for you. Anything weaker or inconsistent will make your streaming experience a total headache. As per the details revealed by YouTube TV officials on Google.

you have to have an at least 3 Mbps speed for the standards version. For an HD video the requirement further increases. 7 Mbps is the standards for an HD version but for multiple HD videos.

you need a 13 Mbps suitable strong connection.

Sure, that is a common speed but while you are in a remote area or traveling, you cannot rely on inconsistent network for streaming Youtube.


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