7 Best Strategies to Manage Work and IVF Treatment Hand-in-Hand

7 Best Strategies to Manage Work and IVF Treatment Hand-in-Hand

Usually, couples visit a fertility clinic or the best IVF clinic in Bangalore or their locality when they do not become parents through their own effort. And they think they need medical intervention in their parenthood journey. After interacting with couples, doctors recommend a few tests/screenings and suggest ART treatments like IVF based on the recommended test results.

IVF is a series of medical procedures that include screening, medications, ovary stimulation, egg retrieval, sperm extraction, egg fertilisation, embryo transfer, and pregnancy test. So, it takes around 2-3 months. As a working woman, you can find your IVF treatment challenging for you due to your job. Here are some steps that can help you manage your IVF and IVF treatment:

  1. Ask questions to your doctor to educate yourself

The best way to balance your life and work under circumstances is to work as per the situation and accept the reality. Before you move to have this treatment, you should comprehend the IVF treatment process. Comprehending the process will help you create a balance between your treatment and work. You should discuss your doctor on all associated points and should not hesitate to ask your queries.

  1. Know the timelines

After having clarification on all your doubts, you should know the estimated time for each step of IVF treatment. You should note down all of your morning or evening visits to the IVF clinic. While noting down, you should mark the date/day when you need to take a half or full day leave. You should inform your management for leaves in advance due to medical reasons.

  1. Talk to your boss after planning well

Before you approach your boss to talk about the flexibility in working hours or any other support, you must have a concrete plan for your IVF treatment journey. With a solid plan, you can keep up your productivity. You need to ensure that there is no compromise in the expected work outputs from you. In addition, you should take all the requisite approvals from your boss or management team to stay away from stress and maintain a stability between your life and work.

  1. Assure your workload and productivity

No organisation wants to offer a relaxation to any employee under any circumstances that could hamper work. You should shift your work to your teammates if you have to strictly achieve the deadline and visit your doctor on the same day. Shifting of work is essential for you as doctors usually administer sedation during the process of egg extraction. And due to that, you may not work properly on that day.

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  1. Plan with your spouse

Apart from you, IVF treatment is draining for your spouse too. Therefore, you should coordinate with your partner while you are making your pregnancy plan through IVF. coordination with your spouse will help you easily go through the treatment. You can share personal and household work with each other to have some free time. If both of you have a lack of time, you can hire a maid for household work to get some free time. You can use this free time to manage your office work.

  1. Lower your professional aspirations

After the treatment and having a child through it, you will have enough time to fulfil your professional aspirations. You should keep up your ongoing responsibilities when you are trying to conceive through ART treatments such as IVF. Further, you should avoid taking a new project or responsibility to stay focused on the treatment and a work-life balance.

  1. Make a list of your priorities

You can feel a toll on you due to your office and work pressure. During the entire phase of the IVF treatment, you need to stay away from stress and allied emotional and psychological issues. Keep in mind that the treatment you are going through is effective and stress free. Further, you need to decide which is more crucial for you. And for this, you can make a list of your priorities and arrange them on the basis of what you need to do first and what later on.

Take away

With the highest success rate, IVF is the best among all ART solutions. You can enjoy parenthood by managing your fertility problems. By managing your work, following your doctor’s instructions, and having family support, you can easily make your IVF treatment successful for you.


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