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7 Different Components of SAP SD and its Functions

7 Different Components of SAP SD and its Functions

SAP SD is concerned with selling and distributing a company’s products and services. It also covers the entire sales process, from taking orders to delivering the product. Moreover, It handles requests for Quotations, Sales Orders, pricing, transportation, packing, shipping, billing, and final product sales. In simple terms, the SAP SD module manages the entire logistics cycle. Therefore, to learn the modules and their major components, it is necessary to go for SAP SD Online Training. Such training will help you get familiar with the SAP SD modules and their related functions.

Sub-Modules of SAP SD

SAP SD is the most crucial ERP module created by SAP. It helps firms better manage sales and consumer distribution data and procedures.

However, the following are significant components & functions of the SAP Sales and Distribution module:

  • Master Data (SAP SD MD)

SAP SD has master data, which allows you to follow each transaction inside the data. However, customer and material data, and credit management, are part of the SD master data. Moreover, this module comprises order and cash processing.

Functions of Master Data

This sub-module of SAP SD is a crucial element of Sales & distribution. However, it includes customer master data, material master data, pricing conditions records, output records, and credit management. Moreover, it records all the cash processes and orders.

  • Sales (SAP SD SLS)

SAP SD sales enable you to manage the sales of every minute detail that occurs. This module tracks everything from product recording to client data, price, and comments.

Functions of Sales

The Sales module of SAP SD helps in the following:

  1. Taking up Sales Order
  2. Scheduling Agreements
  3. Tracks Consignments
  4. Request Credit & Debit Memo
  • Billing (BIL)

Billing is the most vital aspect of the sales and distribution process. Customers have the option of paying by online media or cash on delivery. However, this specific module should preserve accurate records of all billing data.

Functions of Billing

This sub-module helps in the following:

  1. Creation of Automatic or manual Invoice.
  2. Performs all the comprehensive set of billing functions
  3. You can also integrate on a real-time basis with finance
  4. Pricing that is fully integrated and comprehensive
  • Shipping (SHP)

Shipping and delivery are always dependent on sales. It means a product must be appropriately dispatched and delivered to the consumer.

However, there are several shipping methods, and this module keeps track of delivery for each good. Thus, this module records the process of being sent, delivered, and returned.

Functions of Shipping

This sub-module helps in the following:

  1. Create Shipping Documents
  2. Management of collecting, Packing & Inventory
  3. Transportation Management and Scheduling
  4. Scheduling the delivery
  5. Returns Deliveries
  6. Stock Transfer
  • Transportation

This component works in cooperation with the shipping module. As the mode of transportation for each product varies, this module assists you in tracking all transportation-related data.

However, it is a versatile and user-friendly component that allows you to collect, integrate, and utilize data from sales and distribution procedures. Moreover, you can commonly use a Logistic Information System (LIS).

  • Sales Support (CAS)

Customers contact the sales staff regularly, from selling a product to sustaining it for a procedure. This module records and reports the data exchanged between the sales staff and customers when providing product support. However, it offers functionality to help workers involved in business growth and customer service procedures.

Functions of Sales Support

  1. Sales Prospects
  2. Assist in contacting persons
  3. Competitors and Competitive Products
  4. Responsible for Sales Activities
  5. Involved in direct marketing
  • Foreign Trade

It assists you in managing data connected to overseas commerce, including imported and exported items. However, this module is appropriate for businesses that do business on many continents.


Hopefully, you find this article informative. We have compiled the different sub-modules of SAP SD and their primary functions. Therefore, to have a deeper insight into these modules, it is necessary to go to the SAP SD Training Institute in Delhi, which will help you to become proficient in this field of study.


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