7 Reasons Why Study in Australia

7 Reasons Why Study in Australia

Australia conjures images of kangaroos, koalas, outback nature, pure air, and water. But Australia has much more. Australia’s quality of life is well-known, and Australia’s diversified population attracts international students, a 12.5 million-person English-speaking nation. High-quality education makes Australia an appealing education location.

Have a look on 7 top reasons to consider Australia as your study destination:

Good schooling

Australia’s education system is world-class. According to Quacquarelli Symonds, ANU, Melbourne, NSW, QLD, and Sydney are among the 50 finest universities in the world. Australian universities welcome overseas students, and in 2017, over 80,000 overseas students studied in Australia.

If your first exam gets a D, don’t worry. HD (High Distinction) is the top grade in Australian universities. Since it’s difficult, you should celebrate a D. (Distinction). C (Credit), P (Pass), and F (Fail). According to QS, Melbourne is one of the world’s most outstanding universities and is among the five best student cities in 2017.

Student visa accessibility

Comparatively speaking, obtaining a visa to study in Australia is simple. International students are welcomed in Australia via the “Overseas Student Program.” It depends on the visa. Bureaucracy is necessary for official documents.

First, you need a Confirmation of Enrolment in an Australian University course to apply for a student visa. Second, you must have adequate money for tuition, living expenses, and travel. Third, you need an English certificate. You also require health and liability insurance.

Learn English

You’ll enhance your English in Australia. Since English is the official language, you may speak it with everyone – at the store, on vacation, or at school.

You’ll encounter English periodicals, newspapers, movies, and TV shows. All organisational activities like applying to university and VISA, signing a rental contract, and registering in the new city in Australia will be in English. Living and studying in Australia is the most acceptable way to learn English since you’ll use it daily.

After two or three years in Australia, you’ll comprehend all English slang, dialects, and accents. You’ll become more sensitive to accents. Aussies abbreviate words, and no English-speaking nation has more abbreviations. We like these: When playing footy with buddies in the arvo, watch out for mozzies (mosquitoes). And this research is done by our essay writing help expert, Eddie Broke.

Gorgeous scenery

The country’s stunning landscape is another draw. This continent has 5+ climatic zones; some rainforest and Great Barrier Reef sections are UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Between terms, you can tour the nation. Ski in Australia’s southeast slopes or explore the bush. If Indigenous culture isn’t enough, try surfing on the shore. The mainland’s 36,000-km shoreline has 11,000 beaches. You can read more blogs also.

Part-time work while studying

In Australia, student jobs are plentiful. Students have various job opportunities. You can work 20 hours per week with an Australian Student Visa. You might work full-time during semester vacations, and you might discover related part-time employment at agencies or enterprises. Retail assistants, waiters, and promoters can generate money without study-related employment experience. Searches SEEK for student employment online. It’s a famous Australian employment site. Apply online for a Tax File Number with your Student Visa. This TFN is needed for the payment.

Explore new cultures and people

You may believe, “I can experience a new culture and meet intriguing people everywhere; I don’t need to go to Australia.” You won’t regret meeting Aussies and seeing the culture.

“Mate” is used when no name is known. Australians are gregarious, open, and laidback, so making friends is easy.

Nearly 30% of Australians are immigrants, which affect cultural variety. British, German, Italian, and Croatian cultures are represented. Many individuals from China, India, and the Philippines live in Australia.

Study in Australia to learn about the Aboriginals’ distinct cultures and perspectives. Australian food? Yes, stores sell crocodiles, kangaroo, and emu, and some experts say it’s healthier and has less fat than other meats.

Better career prospects after graduation

He’ll be pleased with your Australian education and talents. If you don’t want to return home after graduation, you can get a “Temporary Graduate Visa.” This lets you work in Australia for a year following graduation. In some nations, like the US, it’s harder to acquire a job after studying.


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