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9 Best Alternatives Strategy Games: Games Like Chess

9 Best Alternatives Strategy Games: Games Like Chess

9 Best Alternatives Strategy Games: Games Like Chess

This article is for you if you love the classic board game of chess. Many people are familiar with strategy games. Although chess is the most popular of all the strategy games, there are other games that are just as challenging and fun as chess. Find the probability of the winning game using the probability calculator and find the probability calculator here.

The Top 10 Games Like Chess

Now that we have an understanding of what strategy games are, let us now talk about the top 10 Games like Chess which require a lot of strategy and attention.

1. Shogi

Shogi, a Japanese version of chess, is played on a board divided into nine pieces. You can choose the size of your board to determine how complex you want to play. For those not familiar with the game or its mechanics, the instructions are provided in English. The game’s main purpose is to keep the opponent’s king under control by making sure there are no safe options for them to make. There are many variations of Shogi, including the addition of unit capture and the promotion zone.

2. Go

Go, one of the oldest board games ever created is considered to be one the most strategic and successful games on the market. It has a vibrant players community that has been playing the game for hundreds upon hundreds of years. Go is a game similar to chess. It uses stones on a 19-by-19 grid. The main goal of the game is for players to capture the stones from each other by placing them on different squares. The game is easy on the surface, but it requires strategy and skill to master. Go is one of those games that take a while to learn but can take a lifetime to master.

3. Hive

Ever played a game that involved the strategy of insect warfare, such as the hive? The hive, an award-winning game similar to chess, is where each player receives an arsenal of insects. Each player strategically places their insect around the queen of the opponent in order to win the game. It is a mix of chess and go. 

The game requires a lot of strategies and a high-level focus. Hive does not require a board, which is a great advantage. It can also be played on any flat surface, without the need to set up any pieces. The game has a unique form because all the pieces are placed together and each piece can move in a different way.

4. Azul

The well-known strategy board game Azul was designed by Michael Kiesling. It is an excellent example of a German board game designer. It is very simple in its objective. The game’s objective is simple. Players will take turns drafting colored tiles. They must place the tiles on the board in a certain order in order to increase their points value. The game is not necessarily easier than other games, but it is still very easy to play. It can be difficult to figure out the best combinations of tiles to place on the board. The game ends with the winner being the player who has the most points.

5. Onitama

Another theme-based strategy game like chess is Onitama. It’s based on the theme of combat. Onitama is a game where players attempt to control each other’s pieces and move into them. Onitama’s simple but deep gameplay is what makes it unique. Open move cards display the possible moves. The winner is the player who can move into their opponent’s Main Pawn. Because any card that is used by a player will be given to them soon, it requires a lot of focus and attention.

6. Dead of Winter

Dead of winter, another board game, has a psychological survival aspect. It is similar to chess in that it requires players to develop a strategy and play out scenarios with a specific objective. It can be played by between 2 and 5 players, offering a truly immersive gaming experience. 

The story centers on a group of survivors trying to survive in a zombie apocalypse. The situations presented to test your survival skills and decision-making abilities. Players must work together to overcome obstacles and win. There are two main objectives and one secret objective, all of which can be drawn from cards. The final results will be decided by the players who have completed their secret objectives.

7. Blokus

Blokus, a simple but colorful board game, is suitable for two to four players. In addition, Blokus is a board game similar to chess. Players must use strategies to choose a color and then place their pieces on board. Your goal is to place as many pieces as possible on the board. You can place your pieces in the corners of your color or on the sides of your opponent’s. The winner of the game is the player who has the most pieces of their chosen color on the board at the end. It is easy and fun to play. It can be difficult to place the pieces on the board in a strategic way and capture as many squares as possible.

8. Wonders

You can also play the game with different opponents every time, which keeps you from becoming bored or losing interest. Each round is played between 2-7 players. Players build their civilization through unique discoveries, commercial structures, gold coins, and building their military. You must develop your civilization to the highest level and devise unique strategies to win. This game is great for people who enjoy building cultures and growing civilizations.

9. The Resistance

Another game that’s based on a story requires players to complete missions and avoid all enemy spies. You will be playing with a deck of cards, which will determine the mission and how the game will progress. The Resistance is a simple and easy game to play. It’s not like chess. Instead of focusing on planning and thinking ahead, it focuses more on creativity. The game’s uniqueness is its fun and interactive nature. There are many insinuations, backstabbing, and lots of interaction.


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