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9 Tips for Low-Maintenance Landscaping This Time of Year

9 Tips for Low-Maintenance Landscaping This Time of Year

Summer is a happy time. Outdoor barbeques, swimming with friends in backyard pools, and nights spent by a bonfire are all part of the summer fun. Because many individuals spend more time outside during the summer than at any other time of year, the following low-maintenance landscaping ideas will allow you to have more fun while doing less effort.

1. Make sure you have enough water.

Watering your grass does not mean watering it more; it just means watering it differently. The grass is more robust than most people realize, so here’s how to water it properly:

  • Make careful to water your plants often.
  • Water should be consumed early in the morning or late in the evening to avoid evaporation. Grass requires around one inch of water every week.
  • Instead of using a sprinkler or hose, use drip irrigation. If utilized during the day, drip irrigation will water your lawn gently, preventing water from evaporating.

2. Maintain the health of your lawn

  • Every year, aerate your grass to enhance oxygen flow and monitor the pH balance of your soil to keep it healthy.
  • Fertilize on a regular basis.
  • Get rid of the weeds since they deplete the nutrients in your grass.

3. Re-learn how to mow properly.

Many people believe that cutting their grass short reduces the number of times they have to mow, but this is not the case. Proper mowing procedures, on the other hand, will maintain your grass healthy.

4. Create stunning outdoor living spaces.

In the long term, the more outdoor living space you build, the less yard upkeep you’ll have to perform — and the more space you’ll have to entertain in the warmer months.

Low-maintenance landscaping lends itself to creating extra outdoor living spaces in your yard. This is due to the fact that you may expand your business while requiring less maintenance of green areas. Consider putting in a stone patio or a deck for your staff to use during their breaks.

5. Put money on flower bed mulch.

Mulch can be used around outdoor living spaces and flower gardens instead of grass or soil. Mulch is low-maintenance since it does not need to be mowed or watered. It also breaks down, fertilizes your plants, and inhibits weeds.

It’s low-cost, and you only have to change it once a year in the spring. Mulch also helps keep weeds out of your flower beds throughout the summer, especially if you use the protective matting below.

6. Plant perennials rather than annuals in your yard.

Consider the long term while designing your flower gardens this summer. It will help you conserve time and energy in the long term. Perennials are a better choice than annuals when it comes to low-maintenance Landscaping since they return year after year. Hens-and-chicks, for example, are perennial plants that can thrive in nearly any environment.

Annuals are lovely (and have the greatest flowers in the greenhouse), but they are also inexpensive.If you don’t save their seeds, you’ll have to buy them each year, and you’ll have to spend time preparing your beds and planting your flowers. When it comes to perennials, though, all you have to do is plant them and perform some occasional trimming. Easy!

7. Utilize potted plants

Consider using potted plants in your landscape if you truly want to simplify your gardening. It not only makes a yard easier to maintain, but it also makes it more adaptable. The advantages speak for themselves. Plants in pots may be moved and arranged about your yard in any way you like.

If you’re holding a staff party on your patio, for example, you may relocate them to that location to really dress it up and improve your aesthetics. To add a splash of color, match the flowers to the season – it’ll make your visitors go crazy! In the spring and summer, go for whites and pinks, and in the fall, go for yellows and reds.

8. Choose plants local to your area.

Consider growing native plants in your yard if you’re not quite ready to take the jump with potted plants. Pick native plants for less care — and to help conserve the natural biodiversity of your company — much like you should grow grass that is local to your area. Water and pruning costs will be reduced if you choose plants that are native to or grow well in a given zone or location. This will save you money during the summer months.

9. Make your yard ready for the spring season.

Start winter-proofing your hard drive now to save time in the spring. This entails trimming trees and removing fallen leaves so that the grass does not deteriorate over the winter and it saves you time when it comes to spring cleaning!

For more tips and tricks on keeping your landscaping low maintenance during summer, Rototiller Guy you can contact us here.


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