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A Complete Guide to Complete Your PhD Thesis in Time

A Complete Guide to Complete Your PhD Thesis in Time

Are you thinking to quit your master’s or PhD thesis just because you are short on time? Are you certain that there is no way out that you could graduate this year? If your answer is yes, then don’t worry. This guide is for you to help you complete your thesis on time. I will discuss some good practices that you can adopt to complete your dissertation on the dot.

But before moving on to practices, don’t you think you should have a little bit of thesis knowledge. You should know the cause of writing it. Let’s dig a bit more into it. A thesis is a piece of paper that you submit in support of candidature for an academic degree. In another context, the word thesis relates to the bachelor’s or master’s coursework.

You can also say that a thesis is the detailed discussion of an academic paper. In the research paper, you only talk about key points and findings. But in the PhD thesis, the author provides readers with a detailed analysis of the topic.

Submission on Time:

To get your academic degree, it is mandatory to complete your thesis in the given time frame. Otherwise, you won’t be able to graduate. No need to worry; delays in the submission can happen. It is not a big deal. Like in the times of COVID-19, you can’t go to university to perform your research. So, a delay can happen.

I will be discussing some good practices that you can follow to complete your thesis on time.

Good Practices:

By following some practices or methods, you can complete your PhD thesis on time. These practices include;

Creating a timeline

This is a really helpful technique when you want to complete your thesis on time. Create a timeline. It can be on a calendar, a piece of paper, or just on your phone. It is helpful because it is an excellent way to keep track of your progress. Be realistic when you are creating a timeline.

You should divide your PhD thesis into sections and then decide how much time you will give to each section. Again, realism is very important. An individual knows his strengths and lacking best. So, you should be realistic in your approach. Being realistic will give you inner peace. You will feel satisfied and relaxed. Because using this technique, you will be able to divide your dissertation into small chunks.

Be Clear about your Target:

When you have just one week left for the final submission of your thesis, you need to utilize every minute of this week in researching, writing, and redrafting. According to the timeline you created above, you have to be at peace with it. Experts of a PhD dissertation writing service has suggested that you need to keep in mind the time you allocated to a certain topic, and you should complete the topic in that time frame.

Writing a PhD thesis in a week is possible if you are dead sure about what you will write. This will help you to set goals for every hour you have. The clarity in your mind is the very basic need to complete your thesis in time.

Do Your Research:

Start with penning down the sources you will be using to complete your dissertation. For this, you can contact your professor or visit the university library to look for books related to your topic. You can also make use of online sources like Research gate, Google Scholar, and Science Direct.

After listing sources, the next stage is to read them. You should make sure to take notes, record titles and page numbers of relevant data. This will make many things easier for you in the future when you are referencing the thesis.

Prioritizing Your Task:

Prioritizing is a well-tested technique for tasks where time is short. It will also help you in your PhD thesis writing. For this, you need to decide on the most important chapters or parts of your dissertation. Once you do that, then nothing is going to stop you. For example, some of the students feel that the chapter of Literature Review is difficult to write. Then why don’t you start writing from that chapter? So, this is prioritizing.

The concept of list-making also exists in this technique. You can make a list of the topics that seem tedious to you. Either you can start from easy ones or difficult ones—the decision is yours. But the important thing is prioritizing, and you should do that.

Keep Your Supervisor in Loop:

A supervisor is a key to your master’s degree. Before writing a dissertation, you will be assigned with a supervisor. The supervisor is there to guide you, to help you in your difficult time. They are mostly professor ranked teachers who have plenty of experience and knowledge about their field. You can and visit your supervisor whenever you have a problem. He can guide you about how to search for the literature.

It is also important to keep your supervisor up to date with what you are doing. Reporting back to him about your progress will make him happy. He may appreciate you for your efforts, and it will motivate you to continue working on the project with the same zeal and zest.

Start Writing:

One of the best techniques of all, start writing about what suits you best. If you have good material for the introduction part of the PhD thesis, start writing it. There is also another scenario. Some people prefer to begin writing after finishing all the research. At the same time, some people prefer to start writing through different tools for students and continue their research when needed.


In the end, I would say it is not an easy task to break your comfort zone and complete your PhD thesis in a few days. But you can try to eliminate your bad practices and adopted practices mentioned above. They are many other ways that you can follow to complete your thesis in the dot. The trickiest part of the thesis is writing. Once you get going, nothing can stop you.


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