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A Complete Guide to Procurement Process Automation

A Complete Guide to Procurement Process Automation

Procurement has to be right and justified for the company. With a miscalculated procurement process, it suffers great losses in resources, missed opportunities, loss of reputation, and increased project cost.

With a concrete knowledge of procurement steps, you can prevent and overcome these challenges. This blog post is all about these steps to ensure your procurement in the HR firm is as apt, agile, and adaptive as possible. 

Read it carefully to automate your company’s procurement process and be default-free. 

Complete Guide On Streamlining And Automating Procurement Process:

Identify the employee needs. 

As an HR, you must acknowledge the constant need for new and fresh talent. That is because, an HR firm procures and acquires new talent for the better growth of the firm at a justifiable rate. 

So, it’s best that you identify the same need by collaborating with different functional heads. They will, then, let you know about the job openings. Later, focus on the right talent to fit the profile. 

Acknowledging a talent gap in the firm is the foremost step to beginning the talent hunting and procurement process.

Actually, using uKnowva HRMS effectively automates this system developers’ and admins’ help. There could be automated reminders in the system for your team whenever a job role becomes dormant or deactivates. 

You can proceed with new job vacancies without waiting for the approval of the other functional head then. 

Evaluate the efficiency of hiring channels. 

Procurement steps are essential for bringing talent to your teams. That’s why you need to evaluate the efficiency of each hiring channel. It could be job posting search engines, portals, social media, or chat messengers. 

Then, it could be offline with job fairs and events. What matters is how efficient your workforce is when you hire and procure them from one place or portal. uKnowva HRMS helps you automate the efficiency levels. 

It shows you channels based on the previous employee data entered into the system. From there, you discern whether a mainly chosen platform is helpful and successful in procuring the best talent out there. 

Knowing this information is necessary for automating crucial steps in the entire procurement process cycle. This knowledge saves time and makes HR leaders more responsible and freer from defaults. 

Hiring fresh talent from reliable resources, channels, and referrals means less cost for the company. It improves overall employee retention and engagement. In contrast, it eliminates unnecessary shoot up in absenteeism and attrition rates.

If we extend the narrative a bit further, hiring and procuring the right talents means company culture becomes more favourable. Fostering meaningful relationships at the workplace is possible with less friction that way.

Negotiate quotes if possible and acquire the hiring source/channel. 

The following procurement process step is to negotiate the quote from this hiring channel or platform. This source could be free, like chat messengers, invitations to job fairs, or referrals. 

However, most commercially utilised job portals and search engines often have freemium plans. Follow-up with their admins or executives. Know if they offer you a discount on a larger plan. 

Negotiate the rate as much as you can whenever possible. Talk about the final rates with your management and get approval to set up your official account on the job portal and sources. 

Later, you can integrate these accounts into your HRMS to automate the process steps further. 

Prepare and post a requirement automatically. 

You can automate the preparation and publishing of the job postings. After integrating the sources with your HRMS, a single published post in the system automatically highlights on other platforms. 

You don’t need to go back and forth between these multiple windows or tabs. Every job post is easy to publish everywhere you want in a single frame as the API integration comes into play. 

The procurement process cycle becomes more manageable using HRMS for automation. It saves hours every week for HR leaders. They also focus on other work to master their multitasking and get more work done within a defined time. 

Overall, this process step helps automate and multiply HR leaders’ efficiency levels.  Often, we recommend these procurement steps to growing or mature and tomorrow-ready firms. 

Get automated reminders and updates on the applications. 

After job postings are live, the next step in the talent procurement process is to track the applicant’s status. Know from there if candidates are completing their applications on time. If not, set automated reminders to be rolled out. 

HR leaders don’t need to actively sit in front of the system to send these reminders. Again, this saves total calculated time, effort, and the cost of hiring the right talent.

Send push notifications to HR leaders and admin’s mobile devices on essential updates. They know if any application is complete and waiting for a response. This is possible even when HR executives are away from keywords to connect them to the applicant status 24/7.

Automate shortlisting of candidates.

The next step after your applicants complete the application is to shortlist them. It requires hours to read CVs in the pool with cover letters, verify their social media presence for experience, and finalise a particular person fit for job roles. 

With recruitment engine bots, automate all those tasks to greater levels. It depends on the coding and scripting competencies of the backend team. The existing automated features in the uKnowva recruitment engine are sustainable enough. 

These features help you read CVs faster and shortlist candidates matching the key phrases or keywords you need. Later, you can read and approve shortlisted CVs and save many weekly working hours. 

Send automated offer letters when the talent to be procured fits. 

Now finalising candidates isn’t one of the final procurement steps. Rather, it demands sending curated offer letters to selected potential employees. When there is bulk-hiring, sending these letters is taxing and tedious. 

HR leaders would have to go back and forth to read the employee and job profile. Match the terms and the CTCs along with perks. It takes hours for them to manually write an offer letter and send it over. 

All these tasks are now streamlined and automated to save weekly HR leaders’ efforts. Offer letters can be tweaked in the HRMS system itself. These are ready to be sent out to multiple candidates without having to tweak every single of them manually. 

Advanced coding and HTML tags help a lot. That’s one of the benefits of futuristic coding, UI/UX, and template designing knowledge to automate the entire process. 

Onboard them and automate their experience after their acceptance. 

It’s up to selected candidates to accept the offer letters. They might request a revision for better salary packages, refuse the terms at once, or accept what you’re offering. 

When finally potential employees accept our offer letter, they are now becoming payroll employees to your firm. They might be on probation for a few months. But you have to orient them well and effectively in the firm.

It must remove the confusion and bring them closer to the company culture and expectations from their job roles. You can enrich their experience when they get company policies, leaves and attendance management guide, and how-to’s guide on the ESS portal. 

Employees then have a lesser dependency on HR leaders to know the software and tools better for managing and reviewing their own performances. 

Conclusion on Procurement Process Automation Guide:

Eight core procurement steps are mentioned in this blog post from one point to another. You have to master them to automate the procurement cycle. 

With the uKnowva HRMS and recruitment engine, the process is smoother, meaningful, cost-effective, and effective in all aspects explained above. 


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