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A Guide To Everything You Need To Get Your Skunk Stripe Hair Today

A Guide To Everything You Need To Get Your Skunk Stripe Hair Today

Even though this bold skunk stripe hair color trend originated in the 2000s, it still feels modern, fresh, and punky.

The resurfacing of skunk hair on TikTok has caused the fad to go global in a short amount of time.

It’s a daring look perfect for women who want to play around with different hues.

If you want to try this trend for yourself, it’s not difficult to do it at home.

We’ve got everything you’ll need for skunk stripe hair, including a step-by-step tutorial.

What Is Skunk Stripe Hair?

The skunk, a lovely black and white creature, inspires skunk stripe hair.

Skunk hair is characterized by stripes of opposing hues (typically jet black and platinum blonde) on either side of the face.

Although black and white is the most common color combination, this hair color trend can be taken in various directions.

Pink and white, green and black, purple and blue, and brown and orange skunk stripe hair are just a few examples.

Things You Need

  • Hair color: Choose a color that you enjoy.
  • Tint Brush: While using the applicator to apply dye directly to your hair, a tint brush will help you coat your strands more evenly.
  • Comb: Use the comb to thoroughly separate the hair you wish to dye for the skunk stripe.
  • Gloves: When working with chemicals, make sure you have gloves on hand to protect your hands.
  • Shampoo and conditioner: After coloring your hair, you’ll need shampoo and conditioner to nourish it.
  • Towel: Have a towel on hand if your hair color gets on your skin or clothes.
  • Mirror: If you’re obtaining skunk stripe hair at home.

How To Get It?

Skunk stripe hair isn’t difficult to obtain. However, considerable talent and experience with colors are required to achieve the correct hair color.

Step-by-step tutorials show you how to achieve the skunk stripe hair. If you follow the methods attentively, you can achieve a cute look.

Note: If unsure, make an appointment to have your hair done at a salon. This is the most effective method for achieving skunk stripe hair without causing damage to your strands.

Professionals will create a unique plan for you, including coloring your hair, stripping it of color, or adding more color to achieve a more subtle contrast.

If you want to achieve a skunk stripe hair color without dying your hair, consider wearing a wig. Human hair wigs from India Hair International can be customized to your specifications.

You can color and experiment with their wigs to keep up with the latest trends. You may prevent damaging your natural hair this way.

Step 1: Section and brush your hair.

You can start brushing your hair after gathering all the necessary items. Brush the matted knots and tangles out with the comb gently.

After that, ensure you section the hair you wish to color with great, crisp parting. You can color a single stripe, bangs, or even the nape of your neck.

Step 2: Mix the Colors

The next step is to put on your gloves and follow the recommendations on the box to mix the colors. To get the best results, mix the colors equally and completely.

Step 3: Apply the Color

Use a tint brush or an applicator bottle to apply the color from the tips to the roots.

Examine your strands to see how effectively it’s functioning. If the color does not darken as desired, you may need to apply more.

Finally, keep the colored piece separate from the rest of your hair and avoid rubbing it.

Step 4: Wash Your Hair

Wash your hair after applying the color and letting it stay for a few minutes.

Wash your hair with lukewarm water and ensure no remnants of dye are evident on your strands.

Step 5: Shampoo and Condition Your Hair

After rinsing away the hair color, you must shampoo your hair. Apply a small shampoo to your hair and let it sit for five minutes before washing it off.

Then, to nourish your hair, use a gentle conditioner.

Step 6: Dry Your Hair

Dry your hair with a towel now. Before you try anything, make sure your hair is totally dry.

If you’re in a hurry, use a heat protector and a blow dryer to dry your hair swiftly.

Step 7: Style Your Hair

You’ve completed your quest for skunk stripe hair. It’s now time to style your hair according to your tastes.

You have a lot of alternatives when it comes to hairstyles. You may tie it in a sleek ponytail or wear it up in an updo with the striped strands in front unfastened.

Style your hair whatever you want, but don’t forget to spritz your skunk stripe hair with colored hair oils or sprays to keep it alive and active.

One of the most creative ways to express oneself is with skunk stripe hair. On social media, many celebrities and influencers have flamboyant skunk hair.

If you want to give it a shot, gather the required items and follow the instructions. We’re confident you’ll adore this stylish trend!


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