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Airbrush Tattoos – The Art of Temporary Ink to Adorn Your Body

Airbrush Tattoos – The Art of Temporary Ink to Adorn Your Body

As the name suggests, temporary tattoo inks empower you to try out all possible artistic patterns and designs on your body. The best part is that these tattoos don’t restrict you with the lifetime commitment as permanent tattoos do. Whether you are looking forward to a short-term tattooed look, trying some ritualistic cosmetic markings or portraying a character to adorn your skin, nothing gets better than airbrush temporary tattoos.

These tattoos have become widespread popular for all those who want to experiment before rather than commit to a particular design and then regret it later in life. Continue reading this post to know some interesting facts before you get airbrush temporary tattoos in California or any other preferred location.

  • What Are Temporary Tattoos?

As stated before also, temporary tattoos are quite self-explanatory. Either they are permanent, not they are directly linked to the skin. These tattoos are placed on the skin to imitate the real design. Airbrush tattoos are sprayed using a system known as an airbrush. The artist is making the tattoo make use of the stencil to create the design.

The process is safe and takes minimum effort and time to transfer and dry. After the application of the tattoo on the skin, it will react with the proteins and collagen in the skin to get darker in the next couple of days. In some cases, the results are visible instantly.

  • Why use Spray on Tattoos?

Temporary airbrush tattoos last between 7-14 days, which is longer compared to average temporary tattoos. The process will culminate in a few minutes, and artists use stencils. Depending on the theme, they can create customized stencils for events, parties, occasions, or any other special eve. The use of stencils makes the tattoos very unique. They are waterproof and can be removed easily.

  • How Are Airbrush Temporary Tattoos Applied?

The process of applying an airbrush tattoo is very simple and can be concluded in five simple steps. They are:

  • The artist will first clean the tattooed area using rubbing alcohol to get rid of dirt and oil.
  • The stencil used for tattooing will be cleaner then. The possibility of skin infections are least with airbrush tattoos, but artists still want to ensure that everything is on the safer side.
  • Then the tattoo is airbrushed within the next 15-20 minutes of time. The time depends on the nature and variety of colors used, along with the intricacy of the design.
  • The artist then removes the overs pray using rubbing alcohol once again.
  • Finally, airbrush tattoo artists dust the tattoo using talc, so it dries up and sets in.

Getting a temporary airbrush tattoo is as simple as the steps are.

  • How Long Do They Last?

Most temporary tattoos last between a time of one or two weeks. But certain factors determine how long they will last. For example, if the tattoo is placed at a place where it rubs against the clothes, it will fade quickly and vice versa. Then if the tattoo is placed on clean and dry skin, it will last for a longer period of time.

Renowned airbrush Artist in Los Angeles recommends choosing a location with smooth skin and minimum wrinkles on the body. This will make the appearance of the tattoo smooth and will look like a real tattoo. Removing hair from the body is suggested as hairs make it harder.

  • Can Temporary Tattoos Be Removed Easily?

Yes, temporary tattoos are very easy to remove. As these tattoos are waterproof in nature, you cannot remove them using soap or even water. You need to use rubbing alcohol, hand sanitiser or rubbing baby oil to get rid of the temporary tattoos. Using the following tattoo removal method would be quite helpful:

  • Take a cotton pad or ball and apply some rubbing alcohol.
  • Place the cotton pad and hold it for 10-20 seconds.
  • Take off the cotton and repeat the process if any tattoos are left on the skin.
  • Once the removal is done, wash the area and dry it out.
  • You can also apply moisturising lotion so that the skin calms down.

What you should never do is never rub the tattoo off the skin. Usually, people don’t make much effort to get rid of these tattoos as they tend to fade away with time. But if needed, you can follow the steps.

Parting Words

Airbrush temporary tattoos are ideal for all those looking forward to tapping into the world of tattoos. It is even beneficial for those who won’t want to commit completely. No matter your reasons, you can get temporary tattoos, which will undoubtedly be a fun-filling experience. All you need to ensure that you are getting it from a professional and renowned airbrush tattoo artist to get the best possible results.


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