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All About Claiming Tax Rebate For Student

All About Claiming Tax Rebate For Student

How Many Students Is This Going To Impact?

Experts surveyed more than 4,500 students regarding their work conditions in August 2015. They found that 77% of those individuals were employed, if not full-time, then at least part-time. If you are in need of a tax rebate company, then try browsing the internet. 

Student Income Tax Payments 

While you are a student, you are excused from some financial obligations, such as council tax, but you are still required to pay income tax on your income. Your student earnings habits are a big factor in the overpaying issues.

Student Income Tax Payments 
Student Income Tax Payments

Confusion around income tax payments:

  • Working long hours during the summer or winter breaks from school, and then only half time or not at all the remainder of the year.
  • Concurrently working more than one part-time job.
  • Working abroad for a season of the year, commonly during the summer holidays

Does any of these sound familiar to you? Don’t let your hard-earned money sit in the Treasury’s coffers as a waste. HMRC has put up a procedure for reclaiming overpayments which they want you to utilise, but it is your responsibility to ensure you are paying the right amount of taxes.

But How Does This Indicate That I Overpaid In Taxes?

Students who overpaid their income taxes have 2 significant excuses:

1. Being “Taxed On Emergencies.”

You often provide a P45 form to your new employer whenever you begin new employment. This outlines your tax code data and informs an employer of the income tax rate that needs to be deducted from your paycheck. Until your exact tax code can be determined, you will be taxed at the “urgent” rate if you don’t have a P45. This holds even if you just work part-time, and it indicates that you’re paying an excessive amount of tax on your earnings.

2. Not Exceeding Your Allowance, That Is Tax-Free

In the UK, every person has a cap on how much they can make before they must start paying income tax. Your tax-free Personal Allowance is what is meant by this. You can make up to £11,850 in the 2018–19 tax year without paying any taxable income at all. The majority of students never make more than this amount in a single tax year. You are unlikely to ever make enough money as a student to pay more than 20% in taxes. However, if you put in a few months of full-time employment throughout the summer, HMRC might assume that this will be your ongoing income for the remainder of the fiscal year and charge you correspondingly.

What Does “Tax Year” Mean?

What Does "Tax Year" Mean?
What Does “Tax Year” Mean?


The fiscal year, or tax year, for the UK runs from April 6 to April 5 of each year. If my income exceeds my Allowance, how much income tax must I pay? Your tax rate is 20%, 40%, or 45% of your entire taxable income, depending on the amount you make. Each year, the tax bands that determine the amount of income for every rate vary. There are many income tax rates in Scotland.

Do You Pay Taxes On All Of Your Income?

No, not all earnings are subject to tax. Grants, bursaries, and the majority of scholarships, for instance, are tax-free. The same goes for any interest earned on money held in an ISA account.

How Does My Savings Account Fare?

If you’re fortunate enough to have funds when you enter college, you should be aware that the interest you receive is considered taxable income. So, when determining whether you have received the Personal Allowance amount, you must include it in your computation. If 20% tax should not be routinely deducted from your savings account by several providers, you must fix this.

Foreign Students and UK Taxes

If you are a foreign student, your tax situation in the UK might become more complicated. The type of education you are pursuing in the UK, as well as the double taxation agreement between the UK and your place of nationality, must be taken into account. The possibility that you might depart the UK throughout a tax year may result in tax debt for the year that you depart.

How Can I Submit A Claim For A Tax Refund?

Your initial stop should be the HMRC website, as the majority of local tax offices have been shuttered, and the government is working on digitising taxation. If you have a job, you must use the PAYE (Pay As You Earn) method to pay taxes every month. You can see this on your payslip. Every year, HMRC does a reconciliation review and sends you a copy of the results on a P800 form. Instructions will be issued if they discover that you owe tax. If you work for yourself, you must use the self-assessment tax return system to pay your taxes. Any tax overpayments may be claimed simultaneously and using the same application.

Final Words:

If you are entitled to a refund, your firm should include it in your subsequent paycheck. If not, your employer will start sending you a P60 form at the end of the fiscal year, which details the amount of tax you paid on your wages during that tax year.

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