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Are you ready to get your degree certificates attested

Are you ready to get your degree certificates attested

Do you want to apply for a job visa or planning for an overseas education, consider these things & get your education certificates attested?

Dubai is a perfect hub that attracts job seekers from all over the world. Have you completed your degree qualification outside Dubai? Certainly, you need to get your graduation certificates attested to use them in the same city. If you seek any kind of attestation services Dubai, connect us. Our expert team of professionals guide you in visa approvals.

Well, attestation is defined as a process to verify the authenticity of certificates. In addition, this legalization process is necessary to ensure certificates are recognized by authorized personnel in Dubai. In this blog, we share sufficient information for getting your documents attested faster.

Steps for getting certificate attestation

1. If you are looking to migrate to Dubai, initially, attest your degree certificates in your home town. One important notification to share with you is that no two attestation procedures are similar for two different countries.

In other words, the entire procedure may vary depending on the country you belong to. No more worries in authenticating your certificates. We are the best certificate attestation Dubai and have expert hands in legalization. 

In general, get your educational documents attested from the Ministry of Education or the University Grants Commission (UGC) of your home country. Moreover, after attestation from these authorities, just move to the next step.

2. The second step includes attestation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) of your home country. In short, this legalization verifies that the document legalization is authentic. It’s just a matter of visiting the MOFA office or using a courier service to get it attested.

3. In the third step, get your documents attested by the UAE Embassy of your home country. After getting attested from MOFA, UAE Embassy verifies whether MOFA attestation is authentic. In addition, they ensure whether your degree certificates are legalized by senior authorities in the UAE. To get it attested, meet the UAE Embassy in person or use a courier service. Have you got any queries? We have expert hands for MOFA attestation services Dubai and ensure the entire process is guided from the scratch.

Finally, attest your educational documents from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Dubai. This step implies attestation done by the UAE Embassy in your home town is authentic and recognized by authorities in Dubai. Moreover, you can either visit the MOFA office in person or use a courier service to get your degree certificate attested.

To Sum up

Degree certificate attestation is an important criteria to ensure certificates are legalized by authorities in Dubai. Are you looking for a quick certificate attestation Dubai? We are the global leaders in attestation and help your document clearance faster. In short, initially get your degree certificates attested by relevant authorities of your home country, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of home country, UAE Embassy of home country and Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Dubai.

It is vital to note that these attestation process might take some crucial time. Henceforth start the process at the earliest as per your requirements. Hope you have read the article. For any suggestions and feedback, connect to us


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