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Artshoppy Helped Us Get Acquainted With Paritosh Sen’s Unique Art Form

Artshoppy Helped Us Get Acquainted With Paritosh Sen’s Unique Art Form

It is a well-known fact that western arts and Indian arts are, on their face, very different and distant concepts. Art as a whole is a unified instinct of humankind as a man always chases beauty in arts, enabling the artist to be immortal through his canvas.

A memorable piece of art pleases and instructs. This semi-didactic notion of art is not to be forgotten when you search for that special artwork among dozens of original paintings for sale.

One such artist who is a master at his craft is Paritosh Sen, who has changed the landscape of Indian art altogether. Who is one of the best artists India has ever produced. However, before reading up on his unique catalogue, let’s look at how you can acquire Paritosh Sen’s original paintings for sale from Artshoppy.

How to look for art online?

Before the pandemic, acquiring art and buying paintings of famous painters was majorly an offline process, with the online market having minimal traffic. However, with the pandemic, all offline art galleries were shut down, which allowed online art galleries to flourish.

An online art gallery allows you to examine the prices properly, dimensions and even the realistic feel of the artwork. All before you even pay a single rupee! What’s more, in some of the better online art galleries, such as Artshoppy, you can even search by your favourite artist or genre. And get only the most relevant results, all with the help of a few clicks!

While you are looking to buy art online, India has many artists to offer, which would undoubtedly satisfy your particular tastes. It is the online gallery of Artshoppy, which has given a platform to many aspiring and veteran artists across the country.

Paritosh Sen’s journey as a ‘social artist has also portrayed perfectly in Artshoppy’s stock. Let’s look at what makes Paritosh Sen a unique personality in the artistic world.

Paritosh Sen

Paritosh Sen has a unique vision of art and humankind as a whole. Born in October 1918 in the town of Dacca (now Dhaka) in British India, Sen always interested in the myriad emotions of man.

He received his diploma in fine arts from the Government College of Arts and Crafts, Chennai. He moved to Kolkata in 1942, where he and a like-minded group of friends founded the now famous ‘Calcutta group’. Which was an assembly of artists who sought to infuse global trends into traditional Indian art.

In 1949, Sen moved to Paris to pursue higher studies attending the celebrated ‘Ecole des Beaux-Arts. In 1970 he received a fellowship from the Rockefeller fund. A man of many talents, Sen was also a prolific writer, voracious reader and talented illustrator.

A series of autobiographical vignettes titled ‘Jindabahar Lane’ has regarded among his best works.

The art of Paritosh Sen was a human art revolving around human emotions and sensibilities. His caricatures are characterised by solid socio-political undertones, and his art has always sought to purport reality ‘as is.

His art characterised by precise, strong, broad strokes and is an amalgamation of neo-cubism and avant-garde westernism. The art style of his female nude portraits is also a testament to his exposure to Western stylised arts.

In his semi-cubic spirit, Sen typically portrays domestic scenes of mundane importance artistically. The main avenue of interest is the expressions exuded by the subject, all tinctured with a cynical, detached tone.

How Artshoppy helps you to find Paritosh Sen’s art

Now that you are aware of the enormity of Paritosh Sen’s talent, you would undoubtedly seeking to buy his paintings online. Even if you are not looking for his paintings and simply want to buy art online, India has loads of painters and artists for you to choose from.

Artshoppy can help you with this and more! All you need to do is go to the Artshoppy main site and type in your preferred artist or genre in the search bar. It is that simple!

Once you type in ‘Paritosh Sen’ in the search bar, you will greeted with search results matching your query. Once you click on one of Sen’s paintings, you will get all the exact details such as dimensions, price and so on. You also have the option to directly make an offer or bid on the painting. You can also add the painting to your cart and click on ‘buy now when you want to check out.


The advent of Artshoppy has been a major game changer in the country. As it has become synonymous with online art galleries in the city of Kolkata and even for the country. So much so that if you type in ‘buy art online India‘, Artshoppy is one of the first names which would pop up in your browser.

After all, art is subjective, and what arts you like is ultimately up to you and your tastes. If one is able to find his/her preferred artist or arts genre, there is no better feeling to had as art is the panacea to all human woes.


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