Private GP London

At Private GP London, our GPs provide quality care and treatment to patients for their improved condition. We offer same day and last minute appointments to different clinical services such as – GP consultation sessions, comprehensive STD Testing/Treatment, imaging referrals (X rays, ultrasound scans and MRI), full body health screening, visa and pre-employment medicals and specialist consultations. Whether you need to undergo certain blood tests, health screening or STD appointment, we can help with the service immediately. You can walk-in at the clinic or book online for getting top quality private healthcare services for all. We provide the following treatments to patients: • Blood testing for bone profile test, blood group, testosterone, pregnancy, lipid profile etc. • GP services with walk in and same day visit • Women’s health for coil fitting, pap smear test, PCOS and fibroid treatment • Health screening to know the present condition • Visa Medical Services

A Complete Cheat Sheet for Hypertension

High blood pressure is most obvious condition affecting the arteries of the body. This condition also refers to as hypertension.…