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Basic Qualities Of An Ideal Security Guard

Basic Qualities Of An Ideal Security Guard

If you’re looking for security guards within Calgary, there are plenty of choices, each with distinct characteristics and quirks. How will you go for who to go with? 

This article will outline the security guard requirements they need to meet, along with other beneficial characteristics and things that put the topping. Let’s take a look!

Legal Requirements

The most critical and first set of characteristics required of the security guards of Calgary is, of course, their qualifications.

Mobile security services by mobile patrol guards at the site need a license for them to be able to comply with legal requirements and enjoy insurance benefits. These rules are as follows.

Background Checks

Background checks ensure the security guard you choose to trust is not guilty of any criminal convictions and is a respectable citizen of society. 

The background check also provides information about his education, prior work experience. And even his previous education, which allows you to form a well-informed opinion of the individual.

Security Guard License

Obtaining an appropriate security guard license is the one-way security guards can legally work within Calgary. In simple terms, without this license, they cannot practice security in any way.

Arms License

If the security guard is in a position that requires guns, for example, a weapon, then they must possess the necessary license to carry and shoot the gun from an official security guard’s position.

It’s Nice To Have!

Although the law requires the absolute minimum requirement for hiring security guards in Calgary and can’t be skipped, there are a few characteristics that can simplify your life when your security guard has these.

The ability to use technology, an easy-going personality, or leadership skills are beneficial to possess and merit a fee for the security and ease of use they provide. Here are some traits that can add value!

Police Experience

A lot of security guards enter the field having previous experiences in law enforcement, which makes them beneficial, as they are familiar with the law, are not susceptible to panic, and handle them easily.

First Aid/Fire Safety Experience

Security guards in charge of guarding large areas or groups of people exposed to fire, training in fire safety, and first aid training (especially CPR) can be significant value-added and for a good reason.

Technology Skills

In the era of IoT CCTV, IoT, and interconnected devices, a security guard who is aware of the realm of cyber security could be of great advantage to modern businesses.

Personality Skills

Most of the work is about people, and being good at handling people can be beneficial in escalating conflicts and making people feel relaxed and safe.

Physical Fitness

A security guard is the first person people encounter when they arrive at a company’s premises. Furthermore, their physical strength can help them perform their tasks quickly and comfortably.

Cherries On The Top!

So, you’ve taken care of the essential requirements and selected some features that add value. To conclude for the whole package, here’s a list of features that aren’t necessary or require an extra cost. And are simply fantastic additions to an already great package!

Guards working in Calgary are usually left unsupervised and unsupervised during their duties. In such situations, peace of mind can be assured by a security officer. Who is honest and has a great moral character!

All of these create the perfect security guard. He is a reliable and trusted member of any company. He can be counted on to assist when needed and do his best for any task at hand. To ensure security and safety for everyone.

Security guard companies are more than happy to provide information about their guards to help you make an informed decision.


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