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Be Aware of the Pros and Cons of Face Detection Technology

Be Aware of the Pros and Cons of Face Detection Technology

Face detection technology is a technique to facilitate a concerned person in the identification or confirmation of an individual’s identity. It uses images or videos to identify and recognise people in real-time. It is a type of biometric security that uses a software program to recognise fingerprint, voice, iris, or eye retina. Most of the time, it finds its applications in law and security enforcement. 

Pros of face recognition system

Using a facial recognition system is highly beneficial. Apart from unlocking your smartphone, it offers the following benefits:

  • Enhanced security – As government authority, you can use it to identify criminals and terrorist. On a personal level, you can use this technology for surveillance cameras and locking your personal devices.  
  • Crime reduction – With this technological solution, tracking down thieves, burglars, and trespassers becomes more comfortable. And the tracking helps you make the crime come down. Apart from physical security, it is beneficial for cybersecurity. Instead of using a password, you can use it as a substitute to access your computer and digital assets. Using your face as a password will keep you protected from having your data or digital assets hacked. No one can steal or change anything. 
  • Convenient – With its advancement in uses at retail stores, you (customers) can use your face to make payments for your purchases. It will save your checkout time. This technology offers a seamless, automatic, and quick verification experience.    
  • Fast processing – With the face detection technology, face recognition is just a matter of only a few seconds. It is essential to use in the current world with a lot of cybersecurity and physical security threats. It enables an efficient and fast verification of the identity of a person.  
  • Removal of bias on stop and search – People feel uncomfortable for unjustified stops and searches done by the police in a controversial matter. The technology can help the authorities to complete their search for culprits within a shorter period. 
  • Easy integration with existing or other technical solutions – Most of the facial recognition systems are compatible with other software and security solutions. The technology is easy to integrate with security cameras and allied systems. 

Cons of face recognition system 

The use of face detection technology can bring intense reactions from others. It has some disadvantages that are as follows: 

    • Surveillance – Some people worry about individual freedom due to the use of artificial intelligence, video cameras, and data analytics in this system. Apart from tracking criminals and terrorists, government can use this technology to track down common and innocent people in the name of security.   
  • Scope for error – Face detection technology is not free from errors. It can make innocent people implemented for crimes that they haven’t done. Any change in hairstyle, camera angle, look, and appearance can trigger errors and false identification of innocent people for a crime. 
  • Massive data storage – A face recognition system works on machine learning technology. It means the system needs a lot of data to learn and deliver highly accurate information. And such a requirement makes an authority to have robust data storage. Small companies can’t bear the expense.  
  • Privacy breach – The use of face detection technology has a close contact with security and privacy breach. People blame governments for storing their pictures without their consent. In 2020, the European Commission was planning to ban the use of this system.   


In the contemporary world, everything has advantages and disadvantages. Based on the use, a technical solution is beneficial or harmful to society, community or a country. So, it depends on you how you want to use it.  


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