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Benefits and Drawbacks of 2 Famous Packaging Solutions

Benefits and Drawbacks of 2 Famous Packaging Solutions

Whenever we visit Walmart, we see a sea of products packed in many styles and shapes. In addition, the trend of custom packaging is growing day by day to attract customers and create a good impression on buyers. As a result, we see there is a race between products to attract more and more customers. Nowadays, buyers value packaging the same as the product itself, and they are sharing their new buying with friends and family. Unboxing experience seems the new term, but it is a scorching topic these days; buyers make videos about unboxing and sharing with people. These factors created an increased demand for extraordinary packaging solutions.

Some other products cannot be advertised openly to increase their sales, like cannabis-related products, so their primary target is to make attractive packaging to look different in the stores. That’s why all cbd products come in customized packaging to be prominent on the shelves. Cartridges also come in custom cbd cartridge boxes. These products also need safety from damage and also to preserve their natural properties.

Packages need to be biodegradable and recyclable to prevent damaging the earth. People focus too much on eco-friendly and recyclable packaging methods these days and support eco-friendly companies on social media. Below we are mentioning two significant types of packaging and their benefits as well as drawbacks.

1-Corrugated Boxes

People know this type as cardboard boxes that can be seen worldwide for shipping and delivery purposes, but this is also great for retail and pizza takeaways. There are four types of corrugated boxes.

1- Single face

2-Single wall

3- Double-wall

4- Triple wall

All these types are used for different purposes. For example, there are one plain cardboard and one curvy cardboard pasted on it. This type of box is usually used with another packaging to protect products from damage; as we increase its layers, its rigidity increases. If more flutes are added to the packaging, it will be rigid and less comfortable for the product. Wider flutes increase product safety from bumpy roads and other shocks.

Some of the perks of the corrugated box are.

  • Cost-Effective
  • Very Vast usage
  • Easy to construct (Less Cost)
  • Eco-friendly
  • Easy to design in many cuts
  • Damage protection
  • Easily printable

Some of the drawbacks are

  • Price raise when layers increase
  • Before finishing sensitive in humidity
  • Little less finishing

2- Cotton Based Bags

These bags are also natural and gives a different look and feel to the product. Cotton bags are the most used packaging type in apparel. Many eco-conscious companies go for these types of bags for their products. It is breathable and very soft to protect the product from scratch. You can dye these bags in many colors and try many styles on them very quickly.

The benefits of these bags are mentioned below.

  • Cost-effective in some cases
  • Strong and reusable
  • Dirt and scratch protection
  • You may print or Paint it
  • Soft and Premium
  • Eco-Friendly Image

There are some drawbacks as well.

  • Non-Organic cotton will be non-eco-friendly
  • Limited Design patterns then rigid or corrugated boxes

Final Words

These two main types of packaging mentioned above are eco-friendly and highly being used these days. Another type is plastic, but it is not a good option for packaging when you are curious about biodegradable materials. Corrugated boxes are the best choice for environmentally friendly packaging. CBD Box Makers is one of the leading companies that provide entirely affordable and biodegradable custom cbd packaging solutions. Visit their website to find more designs in packaging to get more eco-friendly packaging ideas.


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