Benefits of hiring a traffic ticket lawyer for traffic offences in Australia.

Benefits of hiring a traffic ticket lawyer for traffic offences in Australia.

Whether you are a resident of Perth or not, it is essential to know that Traffic Offenses in Australia have been very tough on drivers. Speeding tickets and overweight tickets are some of the most common violations drivers can receive. If the driver chooses to contest a ticket without a lawyer, there is a high chance that he will be issued marks on his record as well as suspension on his job. Traffic Ticket Lawyers can assist with your traffic ticket.

5 Criminal Laws Every Australian Expat Should Know.

  1. Leaving the scene of an accident is a criminal offense, however minor. Criminal sanctions are more severe for leaving the scene of an accident in which a person was injured.
  2. It is a criminal offense to drive a car with any alcohol in your system, regardless of whether the alcohol was consumed legally or not. According to Australian law, there is zero tolerance for drinking alcohol while driving.
  3. Driving without valid driver’s liability insurance is a criminal offense. Note when your car insurance expires so that you can renew it in good time.
  4. Keep your car insurance papers, car registration documents, and driving license in hand while driving. In the event of an accident, it is a criminal offense if you fail to provide these to the police (although you may be given time to do so after the accident).
  5. It is against the law in Australia to drive a vehicle that is not in good mechanical condition or does not have safe and functioning steering, brakes, horn, front mirrors, wipers, seatbelts, and spare tires in usable condition or headlights. If in violation of these laws, the vehicle may be confiscated by the police, and/or the driver may be fined or imprisoned. Please visit the RTA website for complete details.

Reasons Why Drivers Should Hire A Traffic Ticket Lawyer.

1. Low Premium

It is a fact that most insurance companies tend to violate the driving background of a driver and increase the premium based on the driving background. Driver’s insurance increases by paying fines for moving violations such as overweight tickets or speeding tickets. This is where a lawyer can assist you. They will fight to stop the marks on your license and save your career. Will damage your driving record in Australia and insurance companies will overstate your insurance.

2. Enjoy Clean Background

Most driving jobs nowadays require a clean background. If you lose your license you will lose your job. Ticket lawyers can help, as they clearly understand the case and the law. They will work and attempt to dismiss your case or withhold the points on your record.

3. Saves A Lot Of Time

If a driver gets a ticket it is wise to hire a lawyer to represent you in court. Courts give priority to lawyers and will work to fix your traffic case as quickly as possible.

4. Great Deals

Having a lawyer in litigation is an essential advantage. A lawyer will take up the matter and inform you with updates on the entire process. The chances of your case being dismissed or reduced are much higher with a lawyer than going by yourself.

Traffic tickets: Drivers are often issued over-speed tickets as well as overweight tickets. It is quite common for insurance companies to increase insurance premiums based on violations and the driver’s driving background. This will add points to your record and increase your insurance premium when you pay for moving violations such as an overweight ticket or a speeding ticket.

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