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Benefits of Using Branded Entry Door Locks

Benefits of Using Branded Entry Door Locks

If you are operating a large business, and have valuable things and children at home, then security becomes your first preference. A good alarm system and CCTV cameras become an excellent way to shoo the potential intruders and assure security. But, the first thing that we should concentrate on is the best quality and sturdy entry door locks. Main door locks play an important role in keeping the intruders away and a good-looking and strong door lock is preferable fixing that should be installed in the first place without any second thought.

If your workplace or home has a traditional lock or an outdated one, then it’s time to upgrade to a good-looking and heavy-duty door lock. Here are some of the major benefits of using good quality entry door locks.

Metal Composition

Good and sturdy high-security main door locks are made from heavy metals. Plastic components are a big no and they should not be used in the manufacturing of high-security locks. Heavier the door lock is better than the door lock because it is made up of solid metal which cannot melt or cut with any equipment. Good quality locks have serial numbers on them and only the companies can break the lock with the proper authorization.

Bolt Strength

High-security entry door locks should be able to withstand a lot of force. These are the hardened steel bolts that can withstand the continuous heavy object ramming, kicking, or a sledgehammer to break in. without solid steel bolts, these types of strikes would bend or snap the bolt leaving your property vulnerable to intrusion. With the help of a proper and solid bolt, you can easily get an added layer of security in your door lock system.

Drill Protection

High-security locks are designed to resist continuous attacks. Drill machines are the best used for creating holes even in RCC walls. There are many lock manufacturers that use a hardened metal case, special metal pins, or disks placed in the path where the drill must penetrate. There is a high-quality metal sheet that is used to protect against the lock itself.

Children Friendly

The most available door locks are meant only for adults and if children use them, they can lock themselves inside the room or the home. There have been many instances when parents had to break the door with a sledgehammer because their children locked themselves inside the home and keys were inside. So, it is always suggested that if you have normal door locks then keep one set of keys either in your car or to some trusted person because, in the case of lock-in, you can easily grab the keys and enter the home.


Good quality door locks go for years. There are so many options available in the market, but you should choose a lock that should be durable and long-lasting. A long-lasting lock will not need a replacement and the worst thing about the lock industry is that if a lock goes bad, it cannot be repaired and if it is repaired, it won’t go for long. A lock is manufactured in such a manner that it becomes compact and strong. A lock requires several blows to repair, so it is recommended to go for a lock that can go long.


In the past few years, the lock industry has become dynamic and every month, there is a new variety of locks. But honestly, if you look at the genuine lock suppliers, they will still remain in the single digits. So, always choose the best supplier for your long-lasting and trustworthy lock sets.




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