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Best and Worst ELF BAR Flavors – Vape Review

Best and Worst ELF BAR Flavors – Vape Review

There is hardly any vaper in the UK who is not familiar with the Elf Bar. Elf Bar is one of the most reputable vape brands. With their outstanding disposable vape kits, exquisite pods, and rechargeable devices, they have gained immense recognition from all around the world.

How Do Flavours Impact Vaping?

Flavours play an integral role in vaping; without them, you will have a mundane and banal experience. The flavours or e-juices substantially enhance your vaping and enlighten your entire mood.

Elf Bar Flavours are Unbeatable: Here’s to Know Why?

When it comes to flavour, no other brand can beat Elf Bar. They have come a long way with their phenomenal range of flavours and exceptional devices. The brand stands out tall among others with incredible and stunning flavours.


Their list of flavours is extensive, and you will get every flavour there! You can enjoy your summer break with the cherry cola e-juice or your strawberry energy. All the flavours of the Elf Bar are made with great care and meticulous attention.

Best Elf Bar Flavours:

Although several e-juices give you phenomenal taste, the best ones are the ones listed below:

  • Watermelon
  • Strawberry
  • Grape


1.     Watermelon:

When it hits your taste buds, the mouthwatering and succulent watermelon flavour leaves them wondering, wanting more! The flavour brings back your childhood summer memories and relishes your vaping.


2.     Strawberry:

One of the most enticing flavours, strawberry, is the blend of sweet-savoury berries. When you inhale it, the flavour enriches your mood with energy and excites your soul. The sweet notes of strawberries, when they hit your mouth, burst into vapours and fill you with joy.


3.     Grape:

This one is the finest and most trendy flavour. The sweet and tangy notes of grape quiver a tangy sensation within the body and enthrill your mood. With its enormous cloud production and fantastic flavour, this e-juice seems to be number one in the vaping world.


Worst E-liquid Flavour:

Worst is mere a word when it comes to flavours. There is no such flavour that gives you the worst taste. Every person has their own taste. For instance, there might be your friend who likes Raspberry blackcurrant flavour and force you to opt for it, and it turns out it’s tasteless.


So it’s clearly one’s preference whether they like a specific flavour or not.

Appropriate PG/VG Ratio:

With the appropriate PG/VG ratio, you will get a good quality cloud production with a better flavour payoff. Moreover, the adequate amount of nic-salt in the e-juice flavour will help you combat your smoking habits.

Nic-Salt E-liquids:

Nic-salts have lower pH levels; therefore, they dissolve in your body much quicker than freebase base nicotine. In addition, it provides you with a subtle throat hit and overcomes your nicotine craving.

FreeBase Vs Nic-salt E-juice Flavours:

Initially, disposable devices used freebase nicotine e-juices, which helped thousands of smokers in smoking quitting. Since freebase nicotine has higher pH levels, it provides the vaper with a strong throat hit. The sensation you get from freebase nicotine e-juices is similar to a cigarette, and therefore smokers who want to quit smoking opt for such e-liquids.


However, after looking at people’s interest in vaping, reusable and elf bar disposable vape manufacturers have developed the improvised form of nicotine that is nic-salt. Nic-sat, as compared to freebase nicotine, is much smoother on the throat and more effective.

How to Pick The Right Flavour?

Picking the right flavour from different e-juices might seems overwhelming but trust us, it is not as hard as it seems. Always choose a flavour after reading its details on the packaging. Never pick a flavour because of its name, for it might have a taste that you dislike.

Vape Flavours Vs Cigarette Smoking: Which is Better?

The enticing and succulent flavours create an aroma around you and enrich your soul with pleasure. Many people switch to vaping to kick their smoking habits. Have you ever wondered why so many people are after vaping? Why do they think that vaping helps them weave off their smoking? It is because vaping gives people favour options.


Cigarette contains tobacco that tastes nasty. Moreover, it does not give you much variety. Every time you lit a cigarette, you’ll receive an awful and displeasing taste of the same repeating obnoxious substances: tobacco, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, etc.


On the other hand, vaping gives you various options, such as choosing your favourite flavour and e-juice concentration. You can choose any flavour of your choice, from mango milk ice, banana ice and blueberry to cream tobacco and cotton candy ice.


With so many happening and mouthwatering vape juices, we can say that vaping is much better than smoking.

Get Moreish and Succulent E-juices From Us:

A lot of been said about Elf Bar flavours, and now it’s time for you to order your favourite e-juice from Alectrofag. It is our online vape shop in the UK that is giving people top-quality vape juices and products. All the products in our shop are TPD compliant, and MHRA approved. Moreover, we have authentic and original vape products, and you can really count on us.


Apart from Elf Bar, you can order any other brand of flavour from us.  We assure you that you will get every brand flavour in our shop, from Geek Bar to IVG to Diner lady e-liquid. So if you want to try vaping and wean yourself off smoking, place your order today!


You can place your order anytime, as we are 24/7 available for you!

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