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Best Gantt Chart Software

Best Gantt Chart Software

To make a gantt chart, you’ll need a software that creates a table of data. But there are several options. These include SmartDraw, Microsoft Project, Cacoo, and Asana. Each has their own unique features and benefits. But, they all have their limitations and drawbacks. Before you choose software, do your research.


Cacoo gantt chart software allows you to create and share gantt charts with others. Its easy-to-use interface allows you to work quickly and collaboratively. The software includes a wide variety of stencils and shapes that you can customize to your needs. You can also use the software to export diagrams in PDF and SVG formats. It also allows you to share your diagrams with others through email, chat, and other methods.

This web-based application also allows you to manage multiple projects, manage budgets, and more. The program includes many integrations and supports multiple languages. The monthly subscription costs $297 for a single user, but there are also multiple-user plans starting at $595. Once you’ve decided to buy the software, you can set up a trial to see if it fits your needs.

Many companies use Gantt chart software to help them understand how their projects are progressing. It helps project managers understand the relationships between tasks and milestones. It also shows how choices affect deadlines. A project manager can view their entire project plan at one time with the help of Gantt chart software.

Cacoo gantt chart software lets you create and share Gantt charts. It can help you create an effective project roadmap for your team, and keep your team motivated. It also allows you to assign roles and monitor task dependencies, which will help you keep your projects on track.

Microsoft Project

If you are looking for gantt chart software for Microsoft Project, there are a few good options available. MS Project supports Gantt charts and other project management tools, including task lists and due dates. However, the interface can be a bit confusing, especially if you’re new to the project management process. The best alternatives are those that are easy to use and don’t involve confusing industry jargon.

One popular option is Bitrix24. This software helps you create a Gantt chart in 4 easy steps. Start by brainstorming your project plans in mind map view, then switch to Gantt view and add schedule information. After that, refine your chart with tools like the project team and resource allocation. It also helps you manage scope changes and monitor employee workload. Once you’ve created your Gantt chart, you can export it to Microsoft Project for further use in your project.

Another benefit of Gantt chart software is that it automatically creates a handy diagram that shows how the project will progress. It automatically updates the visual timeline as the work is accomplished, making it harder to overlook a task. The software also allows you to create milestones and define dependencies between tasks.

Vizzlo makes it easy to make an elegant Gantt chart. The software specializes in creating all types of charts and has a clean interface to fit the aesthetic of the macOS operating system. It isn’t a complete project management solution, but it comes with templates and is compatible with Microsoft Powerpoint and Google slides. Besides, Vizzlo allows you to embed your Gantt charts into websites, blogs, and social media.


Asana is a popular piece of project management software that helps teams stay on track, set deadlines and collaborate with other team members. It has many features to help project managers get things done, including unlimited resources, task management, time tracking and reporting, and WBS hierarchies. Additionally, it supports Gantt charts and Timeline layouts.

The Gantt chart in Asana allows users to see all the tasks in a project. You can easily move tasks around in the chart. In addition, it shows conflicts between tasks. The Gantt chart also makes it easy to see and avoid scheduling conflicts. This allows you to make adjustments before a project is completed.

Another option for creating a Gantt chart in Asana is through third-party integration solutions. These can make planning, scheduling, and managing tasks in Asana a breeze. If you’re looking for more advanced features, there’s also GanttPRO, a powerful Gantt chart platform.

In addition to being easy to use, Gantt charts help project managers visualize their plans. They can easily see how different parts of a project fit together, and can be easily shared with team members. They can also adjust the plan as needed as the project progresses. This can help keep the project on track.

Another feature of Asana is that it allows users to track tasks from anywhere, including mobile devices. The software is also easy to use and comes with a medium-sized library of support materials. If you’re concerned that you may not have enough experience using the software, you can always ask for help from the Asana support team.


SmartDraw is project management software with a built-in Gantt chart template. The program lets you assign tasks to different team members and turns them into project charts. It automatically calculates task durations and updates the start and end dates. It can be used for brainstorming meetings and is a handy tool for managing deadlines.

SmartDraw works on all platforms and has many templates to choose from. It integrates with tools like Atlassian’s Confluence, Jira, and Trello. You can also customize a basic Gantt chart template and add or remove tasks. The program offers free trial versions and free customer support.

SmartDraw also offers a handy Mind Map View that gives you a better overview of dependencies. You can also switch between Gantt chart and Mind Map views for better project overview. This tool also allows you to conduct project status meetings. It also lets you see the overlap between tasks and team members.

Gantt charts are most useful for small projects, but they are ineffective when used on a larger project. The graphical representations are often too small to convey sufficient information. For example, if you’re working on a large web application project, you might have to divide tasks among different roles. For instance, one team may be responsible for building the product, while another group might be responsible for marketing and product support. The Gantt chart should show these dependencies, so you can easily see how the team is distributed.

Gantt charts are a valuable tool for project managers. They show the critical path to completing a project and ensure that critical tasks are completed on time. Project managers can create a Gantt chart using a spreadsheet or project management software.


Celoxis gantt chart software can help you manage multiple projects, all in one place. The software supports up to 10,000 tasks at one time and has keyboard shortcuts for quick changes. However, its interface isn’t particularly intuitive and may require additional training to use effectively. It may also be too advanced for a smaller team.

Celoxis’s Gantt chart software enables you to create tasks, set start and finish dates, and specify milestones. It also helps you visualize task dependencies and create a dynamic project plan. The cloud version of Celoxis is available for as little as $22.5 per month for one user. It also offers drag-and-drop functionality.

SmartDraw is another great option for creating a Gantt chart. It is a powerful diagramming solution for the Mac and allows you to add dependencies and insert tasks. You can also share your charts on social media platforms. And, it comes with a 30-day free trial.

While Celoxis software does excel in Gantt charts, other features may be lacking, such as reports and views. Undoing mistakes is an issue, and performance speeds can be slow. However, the company’s products are easy to use and designed to meet the specific needs of different enterprises.

Gantt chart software can help you manage multiple projects with ease. You can use Gantt charts to view project dependencies and measure your progress. It also helps you understand the responsibilities of team members. By monitoring the progress of your project, you can change your strategy if needed. Moreover, you can keep all your team members updated on the percent of tasks completed.


Vizzl Gantt chart software helps you visualize your project timeline and track project progress. It lets you add tasks, milestones, responsibilities, and dependencies to your chart. You can also easily communicate with other team members and adjust certain aspects of the project based on their progress. This helps you minimize the need for meetings.

The interface of Vizzl Gantt chart software is user-friendly. You can draw tasks and task groups easily, change the scope, and even color-code tasks. You can create dependencies and track their status with a few clicks. There’s also a baselining feature that allows you to restore past versions of the timeline. Vizzl Gantt chart software also lets you highlight certain tasks to ensure they’re high priority.

Vizzl Gantt chart software also offers features to manage time, such as time budgets. You can also track the progress of tasks, and use a % complete field instead of hours. This is useful for industries where task progress doesn’t directly correlate to tracked time. It also has a ‘baseline’ feature that allows you to compare your current planning to the progress made on a particular project. This way, you can identify if your project is going sideways.

Using a Gantt chart is a great way to monitor the progress of a project, and it makes it easy for team members to allocate resources appropriately. It also allows for task dependencies to be established, which ensures that no new tasks can start until an old one has been completed. This can be especially helpful in multi-team environments.


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