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Best Monsoons Treks in India

Best Monsoons Treks in India


Monsoon is undoubtedly one of the ideal seasons to explore as you will experience the veracious colors of this beautiful nature during touring. The view of rich green color combined with the smell of the wet soil personate as a drug for Indians- grinding your desires for umpteen. Nevertheless, there are several locations where trekking in monsoon season would be difficult, the picturesque beauty of the sight would be dignitary of all that hidrosis.


Cloudburst breathes affluent fauna gaping inside these ravines, offering hikers sensational sights. The peaks are at their beadiest and most evocative throughout the rainy season, with intense vegetation and flourishing heaths. The hillocks are infrequently as elegant as they are throughout the season of monsoon. You will be unrumpled from the great beauty of the scenic monsoon treks of the Himalayas. You must, still, know where to hit in this beautiful season.


Valley of flowers trek, Uttarakhand

The valley of flowers trek is undoubtedly on the peak of everyone’s list of treks due to its intense bombshell for which it is acclaimed in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The rain acts as a spell on this bale by embellishing it with a variety of colors and heating  flowers and hence creates a sight breathtaking. The spectacular climate is a further bonus to the prismatic spot. You can experience or spot butterflies of various colors, birds, and animals such as Musk Deer. You will need around a week to complete this trek and the difficulty level is too easy. The elevation of this trek is around 15,200ft.


Sinhagad Trek, Pune

If you are living in Maharashtra and want to trek near Pune? Then Sinhagad is the best place that also offers the hill fortress and gives you an amazing experience of the trek with an ideal picnic location. The eye-catching sights of sunrise and sunset from this peak are worth seizing. It also casts you off with picturesque strings of hills and mountains. The season of monsoon would make this spot more captivating, attaching to its lush green sights. The royal fortress emanates a jinxed Qila experience too with its eerie thunder noises. You will need around two days to complete this trek and the level of difficulty is moderate. The elevation of the trek is almost 430ft.


Kashmir Great Lakes Trek, Jammu and Kashmir

 We generally think of Kashmir as a very frizzy state, but it contains many elegant secret places concealed to it. On this trek, we can take a view of seven Himalayan lakes that come into view. The best scenario is that every lake is distinctive and possesses its vision. The rainy season would make this trek more rememberable when you will only see green pastures adorned with many various kinds of flowers. You will need more than a week to achieve this trek, the elevation is around 13,750ft and the level of difficulty is moderate.


Harishchandragad Trek, Maharashtra

Have you ever thought about trekking the delightful Western Ghats? But you should not presume that trekking in the Western Ghats is a very easy task because the famous stretch known as ‘Cobra’s hood’ in the trek of Harishchandragad is a difficult one. This is known as one of the toughest treks of the monsoon in India. But this is the only fun of this trek. You would be spellbound by the pictorial beauty of this spot and the Khada of Konkan here. You can also discover the caves of the Stone age also called Kedareshwara caves with their three shattered pillars where the myth is that the earth would conclude when the fourth pillar shatters. Now, let us answer why we choose this trek during the rainy season? The reason is that this region offers you picturesque beauty in this season of monsoon. Discovering the caves in the cloudy climate you would feel distressful and relaxed. You will need almost 48 hours to complete this trek and its altitude is 4690ft. The trek is the moderate type and can be climbed easily.


Hampta Pass Trek

There’s a reason why Hampta Pass is well-known because of the unique byskip withinside the Himalayan variety. Surprising each visitor with incredible perspectives, Hampta Pass serves as the entrance to go into a totally one of a kind international of Lahaul from the overhang on the pinnacle of the Kullu Valley.


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