Best SEO Plugin for WordPress

Best SEO Plugin for WordPress

Many people believe WordPress is the best to create and develop an online business. Well, it is because this platform allows quick, easy, and completely free website setup. It also provides secure, user-friendly and cost-effective plugins for users to enhance and expand the site’s overall functionality.

SEO Plugins have a powerful impact on increasing online brand visibility. They provide several options for users to customize their content and website design, increasing their viewers. Furthermore, these plugins improve SEO strategies (if required).

Every SEO expert dreams of getting loads of searches and high rankings on their websites, but they require the right tools to be seen by users. Many WordPress plugins are available on the internet, but not all are up to the mark. So, choosing the right one can make all the difference.

Top 6 WordPress Plugins to Use

Appsocio Mobile app development presents some of the best WordPress plugins to help you increase hits on your site. So, dig in!

1.      Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO gives useful features to boost search engine optimization. For example, it offers readability analysis, internal link suggestions, estimated reading time, appropriate age group (to understand content), schema controls, and so much more.

Self-hosted WordPress websites can install and use Yoast easily. This SEO plugin effectively adds structure to your webpage so Google can understand your selling ideas effectively. Moreover, real-time content analysis helps increase reading score and keyword density, informing whether meta titles and descriptions are related to the article or not. Finally, schema control describes your content to the search engine where your audience can reach it.

Source: Yoast website

Key Benefits:

  • Data structure
  • Google knowledge graph
  • Readability check
  • XML sitemap
  • Preview page in Google

Finally, there are many other benefits of Yoast, promoting SEO ratings. You can check them out at

2.      Contact Form 7

Nowadays, most businesses run on a website, and all web owners wish to garner more traffic and high search counts. There are many ingredients to making a good website, and having a contact form is one of them. You must have seen the “Contact Us” page on almost every online forum. It plays a significant role in converting client inquiries into purchasing. Moreover, user feedbacks are quite important to upgrade web pages.

Source: contact form website

Contact Form 7 is among the popular plugins for WordPress. It reduces the chances of spam and increases security. In addition, it helps customers make rapid queries on your site and give professional responses in return. The contact form also benefits your website by collecting user opinions, suggestions, and client email addresses. You can send newsletters to customers and inform them about future offers using this data. Similarly, with the help of feedback, SEO experts know what part of a website needs upgrading.

Key Benefits:

  • Brand visibility
  • Professionalism
  • Scamming prevention
  • Track of user inquiries
  • Customer relation management
  • Free of cost

3.      WooCommerce

If you want to start an e-commerce store, WooCommerce is for you. It is a third-party solution to form an online store and assists you in selling and marketing products. Besides, it provides customized settings to build your webpage in just a few minutes according to your preferences. Also, it has a variety of themes and designs.

Source: WooCommerce website

WooCommerce is an affordable, quick, and easy way to start your WordPress-based business. This platform makes search engine optimization very simple, and customers can find your product effortlessly. Furthermore, it promotes your product on Google ads and social media to increase customer flow. It also accepts debit, credit, PayPal, and other transaction options in multiple currencies. So, your web-based forum can run smoothly and you can reap maximum benefits.

Woocommerce experts provide a wide range of informative content about starting an e-commerce store, delivering services, and shipping products. Whether you run a nonprofit or profitable brand, knowing these strategies will help you either way.

More Benefits:

  • Unlimited customization
  • SEO friendly
  • Product sorting and categorizing
  • Ratings and reviews
  • Free business set up
  • Secure payment options
  • Easy business analysis

4.      Jetpack

Jetpack is a commonly used SEO plugin for WordPress, which gives numerous benefits to search engine optimization. Most people use this plugin to enhance site operating functions and increase search count and user traffic. In addition, the plugin delivers excellent results through running performance scans, enhancing site speed, using contact forms, and preventing hacking and brute attacks.

Source: Jetpack website

Let’s be honest about how frustrating it is to sit and wait for a webpage to load. Every webpage owner wants to maintain a high-speed site. After all, slow sites affect user interest, often resulting in bad customer reviews. And that’s a big no-no. Jetpack gives the solutions to this problem and speeds up your site, which grows your audience flow.

If you want to see how many visitors your website get in a day, Jetpack is here to provide you with some graphs. This SEO plugin gives accurate traffic statistics to its customers. So, site owners can see how many people pay a visit to their online forums and provide help to increase the flow, if low.

Using Jetpack is very convenient. Even beginners can use it easily.

More Benefits:

  • Easy to install
  • Custom designs and styles
  • CRM
  • 24/7 protection and prevent hacking
  • Data back-up
  • Google analytics
  • Content analysis

5.      All in One SEO

All in One SEO (AIOSEO) goes by its name. It is easy to install and set up in under 10 minutes. A good user experience (UX) is the no. 1 priority for every web owner. For that reason, AIOSEO analyses and optimizes search engines thoroughly, which detects errors and improves them. As a result, customers experience little to no problems when they visit and use your website.

AIOSEO also offers other services, such as WooCommerce SEO. This service ensures they reach your website whenever customers search for something related to your content/product/service/. Thus, this increases brand awareness which attracts more customers.

On the other hand, social media is a famous market strategy to sell products or services. So, All in One SEO integrates all social platforms associated with your website and gives accurate insights. These social sites include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumbler, Linkedin, Youtube, Pinterest, etc.

Source: AIOSEO website

More Benefits:

  • SEO audit checklist
  • Snippet scoring
  • Google news site-mapping
  • TruSEO analysis
  • Easy setting and installation

6.      Monster Insights

Monster Insights (MI) claims to be the number one Google analytical WordPress plugin. Many users rated it high and recommended it to others. Well, if you have used it, you may agree. This SEO plugin is also easy to install, and the setup hardly takes 5 minutes. After plugging it into your website, you can easily preview analyzed reports, insights, and overall progress ratings (right away).

Google Analytics is not the only good feature this MI has. There are plenty more. For example, it recognizes and informs you about the target audience according to the nature of a business. In addition, it helps you understand what kind of content to add to the website and how to analyze it. Also, it optimizes search engine movements, enhances performance and whatnot.


Key Benefits:

  • E-commerce tracking
  • Add link & ads
  • Time-saving
  • Anytime analysis
  • Performance optimization
  • Increase SEO ranking


WordPress is a beneficial source for online businesses. It is free of cost and has marvellous features to build and run a successful web-based company. However, this software often needs some tools and extra add-ons to intensify user experience, as we discuss earlier in this article. You may understand by now that these plugins are essential to use and bring enhancement into the web functions. For example, contact forms, online chat features, page loading speed, content quality and readability, search engine optimization rankings hinge on them all.

The digital world is changing its dynamics. App-based businesses are also in trend for the last few years. With each passing day, web traffic is moving towards mobile applications. Most people prefer to order products or services from their smartphones. For example, uber eats, uber cabs, Ikea, and even Walmart have their mobile application. Many companies provide App design and development services, such as Appsocio.

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