Best Video On-Demand Streaming Platforms for Fitness and Yoga

Best Video On-Demand Streaming Platforms for Fitness and Yoga

If you’re a gym owner or fitness instructor, chances are that the recent pandemic changed your business drastically. It also meant change for your loyal members, where both instructor and client had to transition to online fitness training. How? By using quality video on-demand streaming platforms. 

Video on-demand has been around for a while, and we use it every day. Think of the streaming giants such as Amazon Prime and Hulu. People are more than happy to pay a monthly fee to access their on-demand libraries anytime. 

In the same way, people have also adapted to learning and working out online. In fact, many prefer online workouts with their instructor as they get to schedule a time convenient for them, fitting in just before or after work (yay for no commute time to the fitness studio) and work out where they feel the most comfortable.

So, the golden question is, which video on-demand streaming platforms are the best for yoga and fitness instructors? Let’s take a look at the top three. 

The Best Fitness and Yoga Video On-Demand Streaming Platforms 


Uscreen is one of the most well-known video streaming platforms. It is a great choice if you’re looking for a standalone video on-demand platform. The signup process is simple, and setting up your platform is not too challenging. However, some handy features are only available on higher-tiered plans. Instructors are also not able to offer any content other than video. Generally, Uscreen is a well-rounded platform, but it is more expensive than other premium video on-demand platforms.

Platform Highlights: 

  • An established platform with thousands of users.
  • Predominantly a video gallery-style platform. 
  • Sales pages are customizable and look professional. 


This is a newer video on-demand streaming platform, but it is an affordable and popular choice for fitness instructors and yoga teachers. This is because Mastera’s founding team has vast knowledge in the fitness and wellness industry. The platform has a simple sign-up and offers a free 14-day trial to anyone wanting to try it out. Mastera is also different in that it allows you to communicate with clients, manage your content, live stream, schedule appointments, and sell merchandise all through the platform.

Platform Highlights: 

  • An affordable video experience platform. 
  • Specializes in the fitness industry. 
  • Allows instructors to offer multiple media formats to students. 
  • Offers digital and physical merchandise sale options within the app. 


You may have heard of Teachable; it’s well-liked and quite trendy. Teachable focuses heavily on the educational element and is ideal for instructors who want to teach courses with a more traditional flow. This platform is also great if you want to go beyond video on-demand and include materials such as workbooks for your students. But it’s essential to remember that Teachable isn’t specifically used for fitness businesses.

Platform Highlights: 

  • More than a video gallery experience. 
  • Professional-looking sites. 
  • Focuses on holistic educational courses rather than just video. 
  • Very well-known in the online teaching industry. 


Now that you’ve looked at our top three video on-demand streaming platforms, you can see that each has its pros and cons. Making the final choice is entirely up to you because you must match a platform’s features to your desires and fitness teaching style. Remember, the first and most important part of teaching yoga or other fitness interests online is that you are doing what you love. Your video on-demand platform is helping you handle your business operations.

Co-Founder, Gleantap & Mastera

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