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Best Ways to Clean and Maintain Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Best Ways to Clean and Maintain Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Having a commercial kitchen comes with a lot of responsibility and risk. First and foremost, you should always make sure that the kitchen is safe for your staff. Second, you must safeguard your surroundings and guard against food contamination and kitchen fires. Usually, the appliances in commercial kitchens are made to resist heavy usage. The successful operation of your food service enterprise depends on the equipment. If restaurant equipment is not routinely maintained, it could break down without warning, which would completely halt your output. Making the most of your investment in commercial kitchen equipment is crucial, and the following advice will ultimately help you save time and money. The fundamental rules for maintaining the cleanliness of your restaurant and the equipment within are included in the best cleaning practices.

The sanitization and cleaning of kitchen utensils and equipment are additional skills that restaurant owners must teach their staff. Speaking of commercial equipment you should buy a fantastic oven for your kitchen or your eatery and you can easily get one if you browse Middleby Marshall wow oven for sale.

Cleanings are Done Daily, Weekly, And Monthly

Daily cleaning is required for your commercial kitchen equipment. After that, a thorough cleaning should be done once a month. By cleaning, you may be confident that all food and dirt have been taken out of your equipment. To lower the risk of fire and illness, you should schedule your cleaning regularly and have the cleaning crew or in-house employees follow a set cleaning schedule. The commercial oven must be washed and cleaned, and the racks must be cleaned separately, among other things. Ensure that anyone cleaning your equipment adheres to the stainless steel cleaning recommendations.

Vent Hood and Duct Cleaning

The built-up grease and food particles in your vent and hood ducts are very abundant. Build-up necessitates regular service cleanings, which you must have performed by a skilled professional at least once every six months. Your team should be wiping the hood down in addition to performing the certified hood cleaning to maintain its appearance of cleanliness.

Keep Track Of The Terms Of Your Equipment Warranties

A manufacturer’s warranty is available for the majority of commercial kitchen appliances. Your parts and labour should be available as long as your warranty card for new equipment is filled out promptly. Last but not least, registering your equipment will make it possible for you to receive new appliances or parts in the future.

Replace Damaged Parts Immediately

Replace faulty appliance parts right away rather than postponing action. Your restaurant cooking equipment may continue to break down for a longer time if you put off replacing parts. Consequently, there will be additional damage and higher appliance replacement costs.

How to Clean Greasy Floors in Commercial Kitchens

Restaurants’ unclean floors seem commonplace when compared to a regular commercial kitchen. The quality of the meal may suffer, and diseases may develop as a result of germs in the air in the form of microscopic droplets from dropped food. Employees that enter walk-in freezers, refrigerators, and food preparation areas while wearing shoes run the risk of contaminating those areas with dirt. Can you do anything? More than just a trip and fall risk, dirty industrial kitchen flooring can also be a health issue. In addition, they may pose a risk to public health due to their propensity to harbour harmful organisms and act as disease vectors.

You might not, however, obtain the outcomes you were hoping for by mopping. To answer the topic of how to clean a greasy restaurant kitchen floor, what cleaning technique is the most efficient? Although a simple mop seems like a more cost-effective option, this is an investment in the overall health of your commercial restaurant kitchen.

As you work, wipe

Encourage your staff to wipe while they work—one it’s of the simplest things you can do to keep your workspaces clean. The growth of bacteria and other pathogens that might result in illnesses from ingested food. Provide your staff with easy access to disinfection solutions and clean cloths so they can rapidly clean surfaces while preparing food all day long. A more thorough, time-consuming cleaning will be less necessary as a result. Removing trash from your restaurant kitchen equipment less frequently by periodically cleaning your grease filters.

Last Words

If done frequently, commercial equipment cleaning is a simple chore. Make sure to perform annual maintenance on every piece of equipment in addition to cleaning it. Always get your equipment from reputable retailers who provide quick cleaning and maintenance services.


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