Build Your Super App Like Gojek For Your On-Demand Multi-Service Business In 2022

Build Your Super App Like Gojek For Your On-Demand Multi-Service Business In 2022

Build a super app like Gojek this year. A pre-built solution takes only 1 to 2 weeks to launch. This time is used by the experts to white-label the app with the company’s name & logo, color/theme, preferred payment gateways, and more.

In simpler terms, with this app, the entrepreneur will be able to launch their multi-service business in no time. Thus, before 2022 ends, you will start making money! Let’s know more about this super-app.

Gojek Clone is a Super App Every Entrepreneur Needs

Launching a successful on-demand multi-service business is possible only when you have a pre-built solution. A ready-made or pre-built solution makes it easy for the entrepreneur to quickly launch the business and start taking profits from day 1.

Well, a super app like Gojek is one of the best solutions for every entrepreneur who wants to launch an on-demand business. Here are some of the perks of the Gojek Clone App.

It integrates 82+ services

It is called super-app for one reason – the app integrates multiple services including on-demand taxi booking, on-demand medical services, parcel delivery, delivery genie, hiring plumbers, etc.

In simpler terms, your users will be able to book more than 82 on-demand services from a single app. Thus, by downloading and installing a single app that occupies less storage space, your users will be able to book more services!

Enriched with the latest features

This on-demand multi-service app is enriched with all the latest features! From scheduling services to consulting professionals online, tracking orders in real-time, and even getting feedback, this app has every feature.

To make the lives of your users much easier, this super app pre-integrates several robust and market-trending features such as:

  • Login with Face ID and Fingerprint
  • Item name searching
  • 18+ age confirmation
  • Contactless delivery
  • Voice note instructions
  • OTP verification
  • Facemask verification
  • Bid for service

Well, these are only a handful of the features available on a super Gojek clone script! If you want to try these features and many others in real-time, check out the Gojek Clone Demo. Take the trial for as long as you want to!

Can be white-labeled completely

Another attractive perk of Gojek-like pre-built apps is that they can be white-labeled. White-labeling the apps means the developers will ‘customize’ their base app to give it a unique appearance and identity that matches your business.

In this process, the developers undertake the following steps to provide you with the best app:

  • They change the color/theme of the app
  • Add your company’s name & logo everywhere
  • Integrate preferred currencies and languages
  • They will integrate your preferred Payment & SMS Gateway

In other words, the app is completely white-labeled so that no one ever comes to know that your app is made with a ‘pre-built base’!

Crucial Things to Do When Developing a Super App like Gojek!

When developing an app, there are several things an entrepreneur needs to consider. However, when developing a super-app, the entrepreneur needs to ensure to take care of two important things:

Find the best White-labeling Firm

It is important to find a well-renowned white-labeling firm if you are expecting your super app to be well-optimized, feature-rich, mature, and bug-free! The question is – how to find the perfect white-labeling firm.

Well, here are some key points to note when selecting a white-labeling firm:

  • The firm has 10+ years of experience in the industry.
  • They have launched 1200+ pre-built apps.
  • The firm is capable of delivering completely white-labeled apps in 1 to 2 weeks.
  • They provide lifetime licensed source code for one domain.
  • You can pay the clone apps script amount in parts.

Try the Gojek Clone Demo

Now, if you want to launch a perfect super Gojek Clone script, you need to take the demo app trial. Trying the demo app will give you a better understanding of how the app works, its quality, the components you want to integrate, etc.

Get the demo app from the white-labeling firm you have chosen. Take the trial for as long as you want to and when you feel satisfied with it, take the purchase decision!

Final Words:

On a concluding note, if you want to launch a super app like Gojek, don’t waste another minute and get in touch with the Sales Team.

These experts will guide you through the on-demand app development process until after the launch. Moreover, well-established white-labeling experts also provide up to 2 years of free upgrades!

So, select the on-demand multi-service app carefully!


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