Bulk Cat6 Cables to Buy for Residential and Commercial Networks

Bulk Cat6 Cables to Buy for Residential and Commercial Networks

Whether you need the Bulk Cat6 Cables for a residential or a commercial network, it is the most ideal option. And there are two main reasons for that: 1. The 1000ft Cat6 cables are high-performance cables that can support almost all ethernet applications.

And 2. The variety of these cables is huge and there is always a perfect cable for your most unique requirements. This is important because when you use the same cable all across your network, you will not have to worry about whether other cables and equipment will be compatible with it or not.

Having said that, the cable also has some weak points. Which are: it can support 10 G ethernet only at up to 50 meters of run length and it can be a little costly if you compare it with its preceding Ethernet cables

In any case, the Cat6 Ethernet Cable is an easy-to-install, high-performance, and low-maintenance ethernet solution which can effortlessly cater to both residential and commercial LAN networking needs.

Let’s look at the best Bulk Cat6 Cable in more detail. And explore what the best options are for both residential and commercial networks.

Best Bulk Cat6 Cables

What exactly is the best bulk cable? This is the question we must answer first. So, any ethernet cable that can keep the EMI and noise at a minimum level while also transmitting data at high speeds at a significant run length. The best cable, in our opinion, must also be affordable, low-maintenance, and long-lasting.

When you compare these definitions of the different types of 1000ft Cat6 ethernet cables that we are going to discuss henceforth, they fit these definitions perfectly.

In addition to the above-mentioned characteristics, a good quality Cat6 cable should also be safe. Safety is a very important factor in networking, specifically when you are using PoE applications.
Bulk Cat6 Cable Specifications

The 1000ft Cat6 ethernet cable is called bulk because of its large length. It can be used to establish entire LAN networks or to set up a line for just one or two appliances. The cable features 4 twisted pairs of 23 AWG conductors which are made from bare copper. The jacketing materials used in the cable are plenum and riser.

Cat6 ethernet cable can transmit data at speeds of up to 1 GBit/s over 100 meters which can be enhanced up to 10 GBit/s by running the cable at up to 50 meters. Due to the tight twists in conductor pairs, the cable can keep EMI and External Noise outside of the transmission.

Cat6 Plenum Solid Bare Copper

Bulk Cat6 Plenum Solid Copper Cable is almost identical to any other Cat6 cable on our list. It has the same specifications as all the others. Except, its conductors are made from a single piece of bare copper.

This type of conductor (solid) is ideal for outdoor use. Solid conductors maintain a strong signal over long distances but are a bit stiffer. And installing them indoors can be tricky. Therefore, this cable is mostly used outdoors. And it is one of the best Bulk Cat6 cables.

Its plenum-rated jacket is also the best of its kind. It neither burns nor emits toxic smoke. These features of the jacket are ideal for indoor use but its strong resilience to withstand harsh weather makes it one of the best for outdoors.

Cat6 Plenum Stranded Bare Copper

The Bulk Cat6 Stranded Plenum Cable is also similar to all the others of its kind. Except for its conductor which is made from multiple strands of wires. These multiple strands of the conductor wire are twisted together to make each conductor wire.

It is more flexible and can easily be twisted into any shape of your desire. Consequently, it is used indoors in tricky installations where running a solid cable can be more hard work.

There is one downside though. It entertains more EMI and noise as compared to the solid Cat6. Because of the multiple strands of the conductor wires, it can have internal crosstalk. But even with this downside, it works perfectly and the noise is almost unnoticeable.

You can use a Shielded version of the same Cat6 Stranded Cable if you cannot compromise even a little bit on the noise and crosstalk.

Cat6 Riser Stranded Bare Copper

This cable, the Cat6 Riser Stranded Bare Copper Cable features a riser-rated jacket that is ideal for indoor enclosed spaces. Such as elevator shafts, inside walls, and between floors. The cable’s jacket is its main highlight which is highly resistant to heat and fire.

The jacket of this Cat6 riser cable is coated with a fire-retardant that makes it far safer. However, you must note that it can emit toxic smoke in case it succumbs to a fire. And you must never use it in indoor open spaces, particularly, plenums.

Further, the cost of this cable is highly-affordable and it can also be used outdoors. Highly flexible, high-performing, and highly affordable is this 1000ft Cat6 ethernet cable. This is why it is one of the best Cat6 Bare copper cables for both commercial and residential networks.


In short, the best bulk Cat6 ethernet cables are easy to install, affordable, and require minimum maintenance. The Cat6 Ethernet cables such as the Riser-rated stranded, Plenum-rated solid, and Plenum-rated stranded cables are the best in the market that you can get.


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