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Buying Guide For Laser Printer

Buying Guide For Laser Printer

A laser printer is your best bet if you need to produce tonnes of printed material quickly. Learn which laser printer best suits your needs as we review all the features.

Although many various printer models are available, a laser printer in Qatar is your best option if you need to produce large quantities of printed content quickly.

In comparison to inkjet printers, laser printers are typically significantly faster and more cost-effective to operate. Additionally, although most inkjet printers are only made to handle low-volume print jobs, laser printers are typically more durable.

They are, therefore, happy to produce page after page with clear text and graphics.

Laser printers require little upkeep and hardly need a cartridge replacement.

However, laser printers work best for printing in black and white. Although available, colour laser printers are frequently pricey and more suited for printing graphics than photographs.

Laser technology

An electrically charged. Rotating drum is used to project an image of the page that is printing by lasers or LEDs. This drum is coated with an organic photoconductor that removes the charge from the areas exposed to light.

After being attracted by static electricity by the printer’s drum, toner particles are printed onto the sheet. Utilising direct contact and heat to bind the ink to the paper permanently.

Compared to inkjet printing, this method of printing is quicker. It gives exceptionally high-quality results, especially when printing text documents, as it is also smudge-free.

Cartridges and cost

Inkjet printers have a low initial purchase price, but ink refills are expensive. On the other hand, while they cost more to purchase initially, laser printers are less expensive to operate over time.

But compared to inkjet cartridges, laser cartridges often last far longer. 

For instance, a black inkjet high-capacity cartridge is expected to last for just 500 pages. In contrast, a laser cartridge may produce roughly 1,500 pages. As a result, laser printers have a significantly lower cost per page of printing.

Print speed

The speed of laser printers over inkjet ones is one of their main advantages. A laser printer’s speed is expressed in pages per minute, just like inkjet printers (ppm). 

The printer will operate more quickly the higher the ppm number. Although manufacturers’ estimates aren’t always reliable. They can be used as a general indicator of how quickly pages of black-and-white.

Laser printers store pages in their RAM before printing them because they must print a full page in a single pass. Because they don’t have to wait for each page to load into memory one at a time before printing. Models with more RAM frequently have faster print speeds.

Therefore, it’s essential to remember that some models allow you to extend. Their memory via RAM modules, which will speed up printing.

Print quality and duplex printing

Dots per inch gauge a laser printer’s print quality (dpi). The print quality the model can produce is more refined the higher the dpi number. 

The graphics resolution can now be generated at up to 2,400 dpi on many laser printers. However, a resolution of 300 to 600 dpi is more than sufficient for text production.

Consider models that allow for duplex printing as well. You may print automatically on both sides of a sheet of paper with these models, which are becoming more and more affordable.

This eliminates the need to remove a sheet from the tray and manually flip it over to print on the other side.

Colour Printing

Most laser printers are monochrome and made primarily for printing black-and-white text and images. However, there are colour laser printers that generate colour images using cyan, magenta, and yellow toner in addition to black.

Due in part to the fact that colour laser printers require multiple laser assemblies to produce colour, they are also significantly more expensive than their monochrome counterparts.

Ethernet and Wi-Fi

Look for a printer with network access if you intend to share it with other people in your home. Many mid- and high-end laser printers have Ethernet ports to plug into a network and shared with all the computers.

Check out one rising number of Wi-Fi variants if you don’t want a cable running to your computer. The power cable is the only cable you will need to connect to a Wi-Fi printer. 

Multifunctional Printer

A multi-function printer is worth considering if you buy one for a home office. These printers, also referred to as all-in-ones, augment the printer with a scanner. 

Because they have a scanner, you can also use them as photocopiers, making multiple copies of a document precisely like you would on a standard photocopier.

Many of these models also have fax capabilities. Allowing you to connect the printer to your phone line and fax papers. They can be tremendous space savers in small home offices because they combine many functions into a single piece.

Anticipate using the photocopying and faxing functions frequently. Spending more money on a model with an automatic document feeder can be worthwhile. 

These save you time and effort by allowing you to photocopy or fax multi-page documents without manually placing each sheet in the scanner.

Check that the scanner has a high native optical resolution if you intend to use it for more than just photocopying and faxing. The more dots per inch (dpi), or the optical resolution, the finer the detail the scanner can capture. A high dpi figure is essential if you want scanned images like photographs, artwork, and diagrams to look their best.


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