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Cake smash photoshoot: Tricks to Get Your Finest Shots

Cake smash photoshoot: Tricks to Get Your Finest Shots

A cake smash photoshoot is an adorable tradition in which parents smash a sheet cake around the time their baby turns one. These photography sessions are a worthwhile addition to offer services for your clients due to the creative opportunities they create and their additional potential. You will look at some following tips for getting your favorite shots of smash cakes.

  1. Plan Enough Time

One of the biggest mistakes in any photo shoot involving small children is setting unrealistic standards for the duration of the photography. Generally, plan around 2 hours for a cake smash photoshoot near me. However, the actual shooting portion may take much less time, as you never know how the baby will behave or feel.

However, allow some time to feed your baby, change his dress or diaper, or entertain him if he is not giving the camera the expressions you want.

  1. Ensure the cake is on a sturdy surface

Safety is essential for any cake smash photography near me. To ensure that the cake does not fall, place the birthday cake on a sturdy surface like a table or directly on the ground. If you use a cake holder, check that it is not too light or fragile, and consider tapping it to the ground. Therefore, keep the cake on a smooth surface to ensure the safety of both the cake and the baby.

  1. Get Your Basic Shots First

Take some pictures before the cake smash, as you never know what your little one may do after they have that sweet taste of topping. The birthday cake will also mess up the clothes and props, so family portraits should be taken before the cake smash.

  1. Stylize Your Shoot

Adding a theme to the cake smash photoshoot can add personality and character to the session. However, you can use balloons, posters, or anything else that fits with the birthday theme.

To select a theme for your cake smash shoot, think about the parent and child’s interests. Therefore, think about what colors go well together and what is available for buying online or at a local store. The following are some ideas to get your creativity flowing:

Examples of themes:


Animals like elephants and sloths have become trendy for newborn portraits. If it was a theme in your little one’s room it would make for a cute cake smash theme! Another great idea is to tie in something from your hometown or your honeymoon location.

  1. Jungle themed: monkeys, penguins, sloths
  2. Ocean: under the sea, shark, mermaid, nautical
  3. Floral: tulips, sunflowers, roses, daisies
  4. Camping or forest
  5. Mountains
  6. Dinosaurs
  7. Dogs or cats
  8. Elephants
  9. Flamingos or swans
  10. Insects: ladybugs, butterflies
  11. Farm animals
  12. Bumblebees
  13. Circus
  14. City-themed: NYC, Paris, Hollywood, Venice
  15. Space or stars


This one is fairly easy if your adorable baby was born around a holiday or season that you love to have fun! Winter land and blush and gold fall themes are especially trendy for birthday parties. However, there are many ways to personalize a holiday theme for a cake smash photoshoot. For example, you can do a classic Christmas set with candy canes and Santa hats or you can have fun with a Buddy The Elf birthday theme! Halloween birthday parties are also full of variety.

  1. Easter
  2. Christmas
  3. Valentine’s Day
  4. Cinco de Mayo
  5. Winter Wonderland
  6. Halloween
  7. Fall: leaves, pumpkins
  8. Spring: garden, florals
  9. St. Patty’s Day
  10. New Year’
  1. Take photographs from a variety of angles to show off the cake’s details

Some photographs of just the cake will help you tell a complete story. However, consider photographing the birthday cake from above, below, and on each side. You can experiment with close-up photo shots of the cake’s topping details such as whipped cream or frosting and get detail shots of the cascading layers.

  1. Keep your lighting simple!

For simplicity, professional photographers suggest using primarily natural light. As a result, you will be able to visualize your shadows and have one less thing to worry about when photographing your loved one. Bring in a diffused flash and an umbrella for a soft and natural cake smash photo shoot near me, but keep your lighting simple.

  1. Things To Consider When Selecting A Cake Smash Outfit


It is common for families to use customized onesies with their little one’s name or a fun quote, but some experts typically advise against this. Moreover, shirts tend to wrinkle easily, making them look messy and making the words unreadable.

It also applies to diaper covers with words on the back, like hit the next year. For instance, the baby will be sitting for the majority of the session so you will not actually see anything that is on the bottom of the diaper cover.


You must try on all outfits before the cake smash photoshoot near me. You may have families arrive at the studio with your outfits still in the packaging or with tags on, only to find out that they do not fit!

You want your baby’s birthday outfit to fit comfortably but snugly. Too big or saggy outfits can make birthday cake smashes look sloppy.


If your newborn baby is mobile they are most likely to see the bottoms of their shoes when they are sitting, which does not make for a pleasant portrait. On the other hand, adorable baby toes are always cute!


It mainly applies to the girls, as they have had some mamas forget to bring a headband. If you cannot find something you love, professional baby photographers do have plenty of floral headbands in the studio that you are welcome to use.

If you are carrying a birthday crown, the photographer will take a simple photo with it before you bring out the birthday cake. Because the crown’s weight can make it tip over once a young baby brings their head down to look at the birthday cake. You can also provide hats, birthday caps according to the theme, and props for cake smash photo shoots near me.


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