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Calming Kids’ Back-to-School Anxiety

Calming Kids’ Back-to-School Anxiety

All right thanks so much for joining us this is Moms. The mice Julia’s bag and Marissa’s bag and we are glad that you are with us we’re talking back to school we’re getting ready for back to school okay sorry Joe go ahead I think the countdown was still on let’s go ahead and get started doing. The engine yeah we’re talking about getting ready for back to school some kids are already in school and of course.

Miami-Dade public school starts next Wednesday Broward schools uh for Marissa’s family starts next. Tuesday and hey we want to talk about um you know getting organized mentally preparing our kids keeping them back to school. In school many students are struggling with their homework and assignment because of this according to cipd assignment help this is one of the reasons for stress for students.

Ready and also ready like mental health-wise right and so um we’ve got some guests to join us. This morning and first we want to bring on Dr Marina. The Yanni couple uh is a pediatric psychologist. A clinical psychologist hi there welcome and thanks so much for joining us thank you for having me good morning yeah we’re so excited to talk about. This topic Julie and I have younger kids that are just getting into Pre-K. The first time so we’re just starting our journey into getting ready for school uh and we know from friends and obviously going to school ourselves that it can be exciting.

A new school for kids:

But overwhelming time so we’re happy to have you here to help share with parents and kind of give them. The information the tools they need to start. This new year is great thank you yeah absolutely and so okay let’s talk about it families are you know gearing up for the new year um some maybe like my own son is starting.

A new school and so we’ve got you to know it’s a natural right to have those first-day jitters um but sometimes it can go deeper than that right so talk to us. A little bit about that yes so I think it’s completely normal to have like excitement versus nervousness. A little bit of anxiety I always tell families that a little bit of anxiety is a good thing. According to hnd assignments help it is very important like their assignments.

Because it can keep us on our toes but when it starts to get a little bit out of hand and. This is where I deploy. The expertise of the caregiver because you are the expert in your child when you start seeing changes in their sleep pattern their eating habits if they start getting nightmares if they start asking reassuring questions more often even after you give them simple answers for example your son is starting. A new school and he might ask many questions and that’s completely normal.

When he can’t sleep the night:

Or if he can’t sleep the night before that is completely normal as well we have to normalize. The emotions right and. A lot of emotions can coexist. At the same time that’s another thing that I try to teach parents, you can be nervous and be excited about seeing your friends and starting. A new school year but when you start for example also exhibiting for example we see it. A lot in our Hospital physical symptoms in. The absence of a medical diagnosis it’s like headaches stomach aches vomiting some younger kiddos when they’re very stressed out they can also get fevers um extremely fatigued or tired.

These are all little rough blacks to look out for to see hmm maybe. This is not the normal bitterness or the normal excitement and it can lead up to clinical anxiety but clinical anxiety is way different. It’s you know when it’s like prolonged time of these symptoms of sweaty hands or some kids get very hyperactive and they might get confused with ADHD when in reality just like nervous energy that they don’t know how to manage yet um they can become very irritable as well like very cranky in the morning.

Talking back to parents:

Snappy or talking back to parents that are usually what you know we talk about I know right now on. The screen we have like for example being very afraid of being away from our parents. This is very typical in. The younger kiddos that I think I recall one of you saying Pre-K the kids are going to start Pre-K so. They might not be accustomed to being away from Grandma or mom or dad and they’re going to be you know staying. A prolonged time with a new person a new space so they can be you know very scared of this they can see you crying and screaming Tantrums in my general experience.

It’s really funny and sometimes when you talk to teachers as well oh he was fine five minutes after you left him but then. The parents go to the cars crying and sobbing and oh my goodness is my child having separation anxiety and it might as well be. A little bit but don’t be afraid to check also with yourself and how you’re transmitting that anxiety to your child especially when it’s like. The first school first time they go away new school so yes that’s our little red flag which things do we do if sorry if we notice some of what you’re talking about that’s a little bit.

Notice the behavior:

The normal you know behavior when should parents say okay I’m noticing. This is lasting. A little longer or it’s a little bit more extreme what kind of steps should they take well my personal favorite is don’t wait until that happens to seek out help or deploy any of the strategies that we might talk about today prevention is key so, for example, you guys have like. A if I heard correctly like a week left before your own children start school so. This is a perfect time I always recommend ideally in a perfect world two weeks but if not a week before to start defining with your child like making them part of this process a healthy realistic routine.

That fits within your family Dynamic for example we don’t want to try to aim for things that are unrealistic but for example, let’s start. A new sleep hiding I know in the summertime we’re a little bit more relaxed and relaxed when it comes to sleep times. You know tablet and post games so. A week before it will be a very good idea to start setting limits so children know boundaries and when is it that. They need to stop and go to sleep for anybody from kiddos as young as two to teenagers.

Hygiene routine for Kids:

Hygiene routine for example going to a shower before playing some music read. A story with your parent or caregiver um some kiddos love guided imagery or guided meditations with different free apps that exist all around. The web um something that can cue their brain into knowing oh it’s time to go to sleep because sometimes it’s very hard to just say okay go to sleep and then. The child has been playing with blue lights or post games and things like that and their brain don’t doesn’t get it. The memo is that it’s time to go to sleep so we need caregivers to provide them with a routine that makes it easier for them.

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