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Classification of Molding Processes for Plastic

Classification of Molding Processes for Plastic

Molding of plastics is, generally, of two primary kinds that include thermoplastics and thermosets. The major variance between both of them is the point of solidification for both. The thermosets are going to solidify at a greater temperature.  However, the case is different for thermoplastics. The thermoplastic melts when the heat reaches a higher temperature. Thus, their molding requires variation, as well as the machinery, will be different for the molding of both kinds. You can check out the Molds for AOKI Machine for quality plastic molding.

The underlying reason for the differences in the solidification temperature in both plastics is the polymers. There is a single-dimensional cord of atoms when it comes to thermoplastics. When the polymers of thermoplastics receive a high temperature of heat then they start melting and, thereafter, the plastics are molded or reshaped. Since the thermosets form three-dimensional strings then they retain their structure even after heating at high temperatures. Both plastics, thermosets, and thermoplastics, can be molded by utilizing a variety of processes. In certain cases, the amalgamation of both plastics is used. Many manufacturers procure ACME Molds for making high-quality containers or bottles for various uses.

Major Types of Plastic Molding Processes

Plastic making is a mammoth task. Every day you use plastic in a variety of forms including bags, cases, containers, bottles, and so on. However, every kind of product is made by using a different process. For plastic molding there are much processing is used for shaping including injection molding, extrusion, and the merging of both which is known as blowing molding. Mentioned below are the procedures of plastic molding.

Extrusion Molding

The primary material or raw material that is used in the process of extrusion is raw pieces of plastic. These include bits, globules, and powder of raw plastic. In this process, a spinning chamber is used. This spinning chamber is known as the extruder. Raw plastic is introduced to this rolling chamber. As the roller will begin to spin, the raw material will start to melt. Once the plastic is melted, it becomes usable for molding. It could be given any shape. Thus, a conveyer belt is put to use. The melted plastic will go through the belt for the cooling process to take place. It is cooled with the use of water. Afterward, slicing as well as finishing are done. Generally, pipes and sheets are made with the method of extrusion. You can get the Molds for AOKI Machine from the top manufacturers.

Injection Molding

The next procedure in the row is injection molding. The principle that is applied is kind of the same. In this method, a hopper is used to introduce the raw material into the melting compartment. However, the process differs as chilled molds are used with high pressure. The cool molds provide a neat as well as a finished product. Products such as outdoor furniture, containers for butter, and flask caps are made with this technique. The injection molding process is used at a large scale by the bottle and container-making industries. The bottle manufacturers can contact the top-notch makers of ACME Molds.

Blow Molding

The last type that we are discussing, here, is blow molding. The procedure has received its name because the blowing technique is applied upon the completion of injection or extrusion molding. A die is put to use in the process of extrusion. The die turns the heated plastic shape into a cylinder shape by keeping a cool mold that surrounds the plastic. Thereafter, compressed air is used that is pushed via the cylinder creating a hollow inside. Any manufacturer does not need to use any diverse injection molded parts with the blow molding technique. Injection blowing pushes the melted material into the end shape.

Conclusive Remarks

As mentioned, these are the three different methods of plastic processing. You can connect with the top manufacturer for getting the best molds for bottle or container manufacturing.


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