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Cleaning And Maintaining A WPC Board

Cleaning And Maintaining A WPC Board


WPC board decks are made to be simple to clean and maintain with little effort, whether they are utilized for home or commercial reasons. This eco-friendly product offers a beautiful surface that is also strong and appropriate for a variety of applications. Despite requiring little care over the course of its existence, the wpc flooring will need some minor upkeep. Here are some cleaning and maintenance tips for wpc board.


How Does Composite Decking Work?

How Does Composite Decking Work?

With its raw material composition of recycled polymers and wood fiber, wpc board decking is created from high-density polyethylene and is therefore ecologically beneficial. To prevent fading, a UV stabilizer has been added to the product. Additionally, this will stop mold and mildew from permeating the boards and deteriorating them over time. In outdoor settings, wpc brett decking typically has a lifespan of more than 20 years, and the majority of the products come with a 10-year warranty. Your decking will be insured for many years thanks to the 15-year and 10-year warranties offered by 4Front Building Products’ Ever Shield and Ever Deck boards, respectively.

What Makes These Better Than Timber?

The fact that wpc board decking offers higher long-term value is one of its key benefits. Although the original cost of wpc board decking may be more than that of timber, wpc board decks may pay for themselves in less than ten years since the maintenance expenses are substantially lower. wpc board decking doesn’t require routine painting or staining as timber does. Additionally, because the decking is made to be durable, cleaning it takes less time and effort than cleaning wood decking. To keep your decking looking fantastic, you must routinely maintain it as it is always exposed to the elements, rain, or shine.


Three Simple Steps to Clean Composite Decking


Three Simple Steps to Clean Composite Decking

The best thing about wpc board decking is how little maintenance it needs. If you’re organized, you can do this task in a few hours, especially in the summer when the decking is dry.

Step 1: Get Your Decking Ready

To ensure you clean every surface and can see any concealed filth or debris, remove all furniture, including chairs, tables, and plants before you start cleaning of wpc bodenbelag. Additionally, if your sundeck is in direct sunlight, you should prepare to work in manageable chunks. By doing this, you may avoid having unclean water and suds dry on the surface before you can wash it off.

Second, clean the deck

Regularly allot a little period of time to sweep off any dirt and remove any debris from your wpc flooring. While sweeping your decking by hand is a good approach to get rid of dirt, you may also use a vacuum since the brush attachments let you get rid of dirt and debris from in between the decking boards.

Step 3: Get Rid of Sticky Dirt

You could discover that even after sweeping your wpc flooring, certain stains or persistent dirt remain. If so, spray down your wpc flooring well to remove any surface particles and loosen it. Utilizing a soft-bristled brush and a cleaning solution made of warm water and mild liquid detergent, clean the wpc flooring before rinsing with water. This should be done twice a year in order to get rid of any mold or mildew in addition to obstinate dirt.

Will A Pressure Washer Work?

Will A Pressure Washer Work?

Even if utilizing a pressure washer isn’t any quicker or more efficient than washing your decking by hand, it is, especially for people with bigger decks. If you do decide to pressure wash, you should proceed carefully since it might remove the protective coating and harm the decking’s boards. Stay at least 8 inches away from the wpc flooring surface at all times, use a broad fan-tip nozzle to spray in the direction of the wood’s grain, and completely rinse any soap off your hands.

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