Commercial and Residential Uses of LED Panel Lights

Commercial and Residential Uses of LED Panel Lights

LEDs are a giant in the lighting industry. Over the last few decades, LEDs have successfully climbed the ladder of technology, and the LED segment offers an array of lights that are suitable for almost every purpose. LEDs are well known for their less energy consumption and long-lasting durability. There are many variants of LED lights available in the market, such as LED strip lights, LED bulbs, LED panel lights, Miniature LEDs, Application-specific LEDs, etc. All of these lights can adorn your home and office beautifully.

This article is all about LED panel lights. LED panel lights have taken the light market by storm. Almost the first choice of people is LED panel lights. So what are panel lights? LED panel lights are apparatus designed to be used as ceiling lights. These panel lights are a perfect replacement for fluorescent lights. The reason being LED panel lights consume way more energy and have a longer durability period in comparison to Fluorescent lights. LED lights save money as well as electricity.

There are numerous benefits of LED panels:

An array of colour pallets is available


You can change the light frequency

Customise the panels according to your needs

Longer durability

Heat absorption and dissipation are commendable

Flexibility in design

Residential Uses of LED Panel Lights

After dealing with a long and tiring day outside, the one place where we all long to come back is home. It is of keen importance to make sure your home is a heavenly adobe reflecting comfort and peace. With proper lighting set up and comfortable interiors, you can achieve a luxurious home. The well-illuminated space will create an atmosphere of positivity and will allow your psyche to relax. There is no other better option than using LED panel lights and LED bulbs for your home.

● Proper lighting doesn’t only accentuate the decor of your home but also increases the quotient of functionality. The usage of LED panel lights for your residential space is a winning bet. As you can control the lighting frequency and customise the panel lights according to your needs, this makes LED panel lights the perfect choice for your home. Another benefit of using LED Panel light is to get an array of colour pallets.

● If you have dealt with the flickering and humming sound of fluorescent lights, then LED panel lights are your saviour. You will now not be annoyed by the sound of flickering and humming. The best thing about using the LED panel lights is their adjustable frequency. This means you can actually prevent your eyes from getting eye strain due to high beams, and of course, you will have an aesthetic feature added to your home. These were a few benefits of using LED panels in your residential area.

Commercial Uses of LED panel lights

● When running a business and commercial building, lighting is the most vital part of interiors, which means the lighting of your commercial space has to be perfect. You cannot choose to compromise on this aspect of interiors.

● To offer the best environment to employees and provide a comfortable and well-illuminated workspace is a must. And lighting might cost you a fortune while installing it and at the same time will increase your electricity bill. The best benefit of using LED panel light is the reduced cost of electricity bills. LED lights are made of an aluminium body, which means they will not emit heat as fluorescent lights.

● Less management is another pro to using LED panel lights. Any construction or maintenance work will disturb the schedule and work process of an office. LED panel lights are known to have a longer durability period in comparison to other lights. LED lights last for almost 50,000 hours which means they last longer than fluorescent lights. AS these LED panel lights are customizable, it is the best pick for designers as they allow them to customise the pattern and designs.

LED panels offer flexibility, low maintenance and consume less energy. Thus LED panels are the best choice for your residential and commercial places.


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