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Detailed Guideline To Write A Winning SOP & LOR For Graduate School

Detailed Guideline To Write A Winning SOP & LOR For Graduate School

How To Write A Winning SOP & LOR For Graduate School

Have you ever questioned why your teachers ask you to write essays often? – So that you develop the skill of presenting your opinion from a tender age. However, not all students have the calibre to do that; unfortunately, later, they struggle to write a Statement of Purpose (SOP) or a proposal to seek a Letter of Recommendation (LOR) from the respective faculty member.

But, if you can’t present a winning SOP and LOR, the journey to your dream grad school may not be possible.

In fact, if you plan to go abroad to study, you need them the most.

Initially, you can avail samples for SOP and LOR to get an idea of the writing standard. For example, if you plan to Study In Germany, you can check samples of SOP for German universities for how students have presented convincing content.

You must also know that most educational authorities have implemented a mechanism to screen genuine applicants and admit only those who are genuinely serious. That’s why the entrance and selection process created the Statement of Purpose and Letter of Recommendation.


So, it’s time to learn them with proper steps-


Guidance to prepare Statement of Purpose

The letter of purpose, also known as an SOP or Statement of Purpose, is a crucial document you must submit alongside other educational credentials and application materials when applying to a certain college for a graduate programme.

Note that many international universities need a Statement of Purpose when you apply for admission to their graduate programmes. So, first, you must understand why it is requested. Also, what does it mean? What information ought to be in a graduate school statement of purpose?

Hence, read and learn from the suggestions made below.

The key factors of SOP you must not forget –

  • Introducing yourself to the admissions panel
  • Explain the rationale for enrolling in a graduate programme
  • Discuss the significance of attending a particular college to take that course.
  • Your future goals and how the course and college can assist you in accomplishing them
  • Express your ideas and interests concerning the potential course
  • Your SOP should be original


Now, here are 7 points to keep in mind when drafting a Statement of Purpose:

  1. Be original and imaginative

You can find several examples and references online to help write your statement of purpose for graduate school. However, be careful not to replicate any of them. Instead, use your creativity to add relevant experiences and tales to your statement that will show your preferences and personality.


  1. Research and modify

When you submit applications to multiple universities, be sure that each SOP for graduate school is unique and specially tailored to meet the standards of each institution.

Before crafting several letters, do enough research on each college and the courses offered.

Explain your decision to attend that particular college for your higher education. Tell your reader how committed you are to your decision.


  1. Future plans and objectives

The primary goal of drafting an SOP paper is to express your motivation for selecting a certain course, college, and career. So, give a clear and succinct description of your interests in specific academic disciplines. You must also mention how the course relates to your future aspirations and professional objectives.

Now, before you are ready to pen down, note these as well –


  1. Make a list of everything you want to include

It will need a lot of space to write a Statement of Purpose. But before you begin writing, you must consider and list everything you want to include.

The perfect Statement of Purpose requires you to describe your life’s path to date and aims to comprehend your objectives and dreams.

Consequently, there are a lot of things you can add. After determining everything, start drafting your SOP, but follow the list you prepared for it.


  1. Maintain the Format for a Statement of Purpose (SOP)

When you prepare the final copy of the SOP, make sure it matches the following requirements –

  • Like an essay, the SOP should be written in concise paragraphs. You can also include bullet points, but you should only use a few.
  • An SOP is typically two pages long, double-spaced, and written in 12-point font. You can write 800-1000 words, depending on the size and font style.
  • The entire SOP is composed of 5-7 paragraphs, each averaging 150–250 words.
  • Keep your SOP simple, and stay away from using vibrant text and visuals. Use strictly black ink when writing on paper with a pen.

  1. Learn the Structure of SOP

An ideal SOP should have the following segments in order –

  • Introduction
  • Academic background
  • Professional experience/Internships/Volunteer ( If Any)
  • Reasons to pursue the particular course
  • Career goals
  • Why did you choose this particular university?
  • Closing Paragraph
  • Personality traits


  1. Rewrite and edit

It’s now time to edit and check after finishing the draft. It is necessary to write the same SOP once again and check if that makes sense.

After which, multiple editing will make your SOP flawless. Even if the plot and ideas are the same, focus on the language and punctuation.

You must also ensure that the vocabulary, spelling, and punctuation are correct in your SOP.

Never undervalue the significance of punctuation when writing an essay or SOP because admission authorities do not entertain typos or other similar mistakes.


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