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Digital Marketing Rules That Are Ignored

Digital Marketing Rules That Are Ignored

Digital Marketing Rules

In any business, it is easy to stumble upon incompetent specialists who splurge and do not lead the client to the results that he wants to achieve from joint cooperation. Let’s take a look at the obvious rules of digital marketing that every marketer should know, and also talk about how these rules are violated on their part. You can get in touch with Best Digital Marketing Agency in London

Target Audience Portrait

A pseudo-specialist will easily draw up a portrait of the target audience, without even resorting to in-depth analysis. For example, he will say that the portrait of the target audience of a luxury cosmetics brand is women aged 20-70 who take care of themselves. Of course, sometimes you can build a business without a portrait of the target audience. If it is local and there is no competition as such. But in a competitive niche it is important to correctly draw up a portrait, and for this you will need to study different sources, forums, and ideally, interview representatives of the target audience.

Target Audience Segmentation

Not all “marketers” do segmentation of the target audience, considering it an unnecessary step. But it is important to understand that the audience is divided into segments not for beauty, but in order to process the “pains” and “wants” of each group. When you understand what and why a particular segment needs. You better know what approach is needed to attract each individual person. Drawing up a portrait of the target audience and its segmentation require time and resources and affect the cost of promotion.

A/B Testing

“Type marketers”, as a rule, offer customers only weekend conditions for themselves. These are easy to evaluate by price. Not all specialists can competently convey to the client that promotion costs money and that some of the paid advertising options will be less effective. A true marketer conducts A/B testing because he focuses on long-term cooperation. “Like a marketer” wants to take money from the customer once and stop cooperation. A real specialist is ready to work long and fruitfully, to face mistakes and correct them.

Analysis Of Behavioral Factors

Not all marketers do behavioral analysis because, like split testing, it’s long, complicated, and doesn’t translate into money. Such analysis forces the marketer to think what to do next with this information and how to improve behavioral factors. The pseudo-specialist does not want to tell the client about any bounce rates, because he is afraid that he may refuse his services.

Sales Funnel

In commercial offers, “specialists” write: “Let’s set up a sales funnel! We organize the flow of customers! Let’s increase profits by 10,500 times!” At the same time, they have little understanding of how sales funnels work. A bunch of examples of bad funnels can be seen in the advertising of various copywriting-targeting-marketing trainings. “Specialists” learn some one formula for building a selling text and put all their hopes on it.

USP Offer

All marketers should know about such a basic thing. But not only to know, but to understand the whole essence. However, many do not see the difference between a unique selling proposition and a simple offer.

Useful Content

“Like marketers” know that you can’t pour water and cram inappropriate things into texts. But making content that is useful for a specific target group is not an easy task for them. Not all marketers are able to look into the essence of a particular business and what customers expect from a company. Just thematic content will not always be useful and interesting to potential consumers.

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