Do fake eyelashes ruin your eyelashes?

Do fake eyelashes ruin your eyelashes?

Who doesn’t want to have beautiful eyelashes? When we think about a beautiful girl we imagine a girl who has beautiful eyes, hair, and long eyelashes. Maybe it’s because as a kid we used to play with dolls who had long fake eyelashes. Fake eyelashes are something that not only dolls use. We do use fake eyelashes now. As the aim to have long eyelashes is really big. We do eyelash extension and other eyelash services, and for that, we go ladies beauty salon almost every month. Fake eyelashes can be beautiful but are they good for our health? For our eyes and our real eyelashes. The good news is that using artificial lashes correctly will not even slightly harm your eyelashes! Only when you use excessive adhesive or yank the lashes off firmly could some lashes become trapped and torn out.

When it is time to remove your eyelashes, never pull at them. Instead, using makeup remover and a cotton swab, gently pull them off. Your natural lashes will remain undamaged as long as you don’t apply excessive adhesive. False eyelashes may even assist maintain healthier lashes if you want to use them in place of mascara. Except for fake eyelashes that you can put with glue, there is a practice that is quite spread now. Eyelash extensions are very popular now.

Will real eyelashes be damaged by lash extensions?

Any eyelash technician will tell you that one of the most frequent queries they receive is regarding the safety of actual lashes when using extensions. Depending on whom you ask, the response is either “it depends” or “maybe.”The most likely time for eyelash loss to occur is during improper removal. You run a bigger danger of tearing on your natural lashes and losing a lot of them if you try to take out your extensions by yourself.

The effects of eyelash extensions on natural lashes have not been the subject of any studies. And some specialists contend that because the client has grown accustomed to the thick extensions, the lashes appear sparser after removal. So, the difference may appear pronounced once the extensions are gone.

How to grow natural eyelashes?

Why put on fake eyelashes if you can have your own thick and long eyelashes? You should struggle a little in order to have good eyelashes, but, believe me, it’s worth it. You should start with your diet and lifestyle. Eat protein, and vitamins, especially vitamins A, C, iron, etc. If your diet is not enough, take supplements. The right diet will help not only your hair but also your body and hair as well. You can try a million types of hair services they will not help you if you have a poor diet. As well as lashes service cannot help you if you don’t follow some rules to make them healthy.

So, if you want healthy eyelashes you should remember to remove your makeup every night. And as a piece of additional information, for your eyelash treatment youcan use different serums for eyelash growth also.



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