Do these 3 yoga asanas to remove the stiffness of the body

Do these 3 yoga asanas to remove the stiffness of the body

Many people get tired of sitting in the office for hours working in front of a laptop or computer. This can worsen the condition of your waist and back. After coming to work from the office, many people feel back pain and stiffness in the body. Apart from this, people spend most of their time on smartphones, computers and video games. In such a situation, your body posture can also be bad. In such a situation, you may also have to face many types of physical and mental problems. To keep the body shapely and fit, you must wake up every morning and do yoga and stretching. Apart from this, you must stretch the body by taking small breaks in between the work. Due to this you do not feel pain, stiffness and swelling. Doing yoga keeps your body and mind healthy, as well as you feel energetic throughout the day. Let us tell you in detail about some such yoga.

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Yoga to remove body stiffness:

Do these 3 yoga asanas to remove the stiffness of the body

1. Ustrasana

With the help of Ustrasana, you get a lot of relief in back and shoulder pain. Along with this, the stiffness of the body can also be removed. If you have equal pain in the back or shoulder, then you can do this yoga asana in that situation too. Due to this, the abdominal muscles also become strong, as well as the digestive system is also fine. It also helps to tone the hips. To do Ustrasana, kneel on a yoga mat and place your hands on the hips, while simultaneously arching your back and sliding the palms on your feet until the arms are straight. Then keep your neck in a straight position without tension, while exhaling slowly come back to the starting position.

Do these 3 yoga asanas to remove the stiffness of the body

2. Dhanurasana

Stretching of your whole body can be done with the help of Dhanurasana. This can relieve the problem of body stiffness and back pain. Also, your stomach related problems can also be cured by this asana, for this you lie down on your stomach, then bend your knees and hold your ankles with your palms. While doing this, strengthen the grip of the hands. Raise your legs and arms as high as you can, look up and stay in this posture for some time, this improves blood circulation in your body.

Do these 3 yoga asanas to remove the stiffness of the body

3. Marjari posture

By doing Marjari asana, the muscles of your legs are strengthened. Also, this exercise can prove to be very effective to tone the hips and strengthen the knees. If your shoulder is hurting after sitting in front of the computer for hours, then you can practice this asana. For this you sit on the mat and take your knees on it. Lean forward and place your hands on the ground as well. Keep your arms and thighs straight in this position. Then take a deep breath, press your back inwards and look up, stay in this position for a few seconds. Then exhale slowly, lift the back up and allow the stomach to contract, stay in this posture for some time and then come back to your starting position.


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