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Does Instagram Notify When you Screenshot a Story or Post?‍

Does Instagram Notify When you Screenshot a Story or Post?‍

Innovation in technology brings new challenges with it. There used to be a ‘save’ option for every post, and then a privacy update limited it, and users were given this control if someone could save their post or not. 

The social media traffic is increasing day by day, and so are the challenges to keep everything in place. Businesses are shifting to social media platforms and tend to attain social media services to increase their presence, i.e., their Instagram real followers.

Then came screenshots. Screenshotting means capturing a picture of a mobile screen by itself and saving it to the camera roll or the folder of ‘screenshots.’ The screenshot has been a great thing, i.e., pressing one or two buttons together or showing some gestures to your phone screen can make a screenshot. 

Saving something started looking outdated and heavy, but the screenshot is still new. 

Specifically, talking about if Instagram notifies you when you screenshot a post or Story? The answer is No. 

Instagram does notify conditionally but generically speaking, and it does not notify screenshotting. 

Screenshotting a Story:

Instagram launched its feature Story in 2016. It has been a great feature and a tool since then. It is widely used and one of the most used features of Instagram.

It is very easy to post Stories as you can announce a giveaway single-handedly without doing much. Screenshotting a story is very common. If there is a formula to sleeping early or rising early, you might want to take a screenshot to keep it saved. 

If there is a brief account on how to make a bullet-proof coffee for your keto diet, you might need to take a screenshot for later use. 

As far as this question is concerned, if Instagram notifies the other person of the screenshot, the answer is NO, it does not. 

In 2018, the Instagram update brought this feature of notifying screenshots, but it was highly disliked and criticized by the users. Therefore, it was removed after a little time. 

Take as many screenshots of IG Stories as you want; no one will get to know if you took the screenshot. 

Screenshotting a Post:

There are multiple ways of posting on Instagram followers. Posting a picture with text, posting a Reel, a Boomerang, or a video can be fun. Sometimes, you might want to take a screenshot of the picture or any specific video part. 

If so, you can do it easily without feeling creepy. You take a screenshot or screen record the video, but it will not notify the other one. 

Screenshotting a Profile: 

Maybe you saw an account and loved its bio; how you will share this with your friend. One is to share the profile but if you are specific to a point, take a screenshot without hesitation; it will not notify the other person. Stay cool, and take screenshots!

Screenshotting a conversation:

Easy! You can still take a screenshot, and the other will not get any notification.

Yes, you can screen record or screenshot a conversation in DM or any other direct messaging feature without worrying if other people will be notified.  

Some Privacy Is Must!

Yes, that is what Instagram implies. 

 Some privacy must be there. There are two conditions when screenshotting will send a notification. 

  1. Screenshotting a Disappearing Photo/Video:

Instagram gives you multiple options here. Do you want to send someone a photo or video and wish it to disappear after the other person has seen it? It is possible.

Instagram gives this feature to select from multiple options, i.e. 

  1. Allow replay 
  2. Keep in chat
  3. View once

When option C is selected, one can see the content, i.e., photo or video, only once and cannot replay or review it. If someone tries to capture it by screenshotting, you will be notified. A hatch circle icon appears with the specific content you take a screenshot of.

It is one of the amazing features of Instagram that allows you to retain privacy. 

If you click ‘allow replay,’ one can replay the content once more, and if you press ‘keep in chat,’ it will remain in chat until you delete it manually. 

  1. Screenshotting a Chat in Vanish Mode:

Vanish mode is another amazing feature of Instagram. It allows you to chat without being saved. It is one of the useful features to ensure privacy in chats. 

Inspired by Snapchat, Instagram used it as a useful feature. Chats during vanish mode ON, do not save. All the videos, pictures, and conversations vanish.  

Instagram notify the other person if you screenshot the conversation in vanish mode. Vanish mode is designed to remove messages after being seen; screenshotting them can hurt the other one. 

Therefore, to ensure complete privacy, Instagram notifies the other person of the screenshot. 

How to Turn ON Vanish Mode:

If you want to learn how to switch to this amazing feature, here is how you can do it. 

  1. Open your Instagram app
  2. Go to the conversation page
  3. Open any ongoing chat or create a chat
  4. Swipe up from down to upward until your phone’s screen turns into night mode.
  5. By doing the same, you can turn off this feature, and the screen will turn into day mode. 
  6. The receiver and sender both can do this.

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